Back by popular demand! Our September 29 webinar spurred so many questions and comments that we held a follow-up webinar on Tuesday, November 15.

Scott Hinson and Cavan Merski went a few levels deeper. They combined electric vehicle charging trends from our participant network with electric grid conditions to project opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.  They covered:

  • How will EV charging trends change with mass adoption?
  • How will different levels of managed charging benefit the grid? the consumer? What will it cost and who pays?
  • How will managed charging evolve at different EV adoption levels?
  • How much can EV-Home backup (V2H) and residential solar + storage relieve grid stress and what hardware / software / policy will be required?  Can the IRA help?
  • Can V2H help manage the transition to all-electric homes?

If you missed the first webinar or want to catch up, you can watch a recording, download the slides, and read through the participant questions.

Download Scott’s and Cavan’s slides, or watch the webinar recording below.