Back by popular demand! Our September 29 webinar spurred so many questions and comments that we held a follow-up webinar on Tuesday, November 15.

Scott Hinson and Cavan Merski went a few levels deeper. They combined electric vehicle charging trends from our participant network with electric grid conditions to project opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.  They covered:

  • How will EV charging trends change with mass adoption?
  • How will different levels of managed charging benefit the grid? the consumer? What will it cost and who pays?
  • How will managed charging evolve at different EV adoption levels?
  • How much can EV-Home backup (V2H) and residential solar + storage relieve grid stress and what hardware / software / policy will be required?  Can the IRA help?
  • Can V2H help manage the transition to all-electric homes?

If you missed the first webinar or want to catch up, you can watch a recording, download the slides, and read through the participant questions.

Download Scott’s and Cavan’s slides, or watch the webinar recording below.

Event Start Date: November 15, 2022 11:00 am


Scott Hinson, Pecan Street Inc.

Scott is an electrical engineer with deep knowledge of signals and systems. He is the Chief Technology Officer at Pecan Street and directs research efforts to study the grid and climate impacts for integrating renewable technologies, electric vehicles, and software enabled smart devices that will modernize and decarbonize the electric and transportation sectors.

Cavan Merski, Pecan Street Inc.

Cavan is a data analyst at Pecan Street, where he turns our data into insights through analysis and reporting. Previously, he worked at the City of Austin’s Office of Sustainability, where he led their greenhouse gas accounting efforts and helped develop their Climate and Equity Plan. Prior to that he was a semiconductor test engineer at Samsung and received his BSE in Industrial and Operations Engineering from the University of Michigan.

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