Every minute of every day, Pecan Street measures circuit-level electricity use and generation from nearly 1,000 volunteer homes across our research network. Those measurements are anonymized in accordance with our privacy policy and made available for free to university researchers around the world through Dataport, home to the most robust collection of disaggregated residential electricity data on the planet.

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Our network measures electricity use and generation and transmits that data securely to Pecan Street’s servers 24/7/365. Data is cleaned and curated into specific datasets that users can browse online or download for offline analysis. Through Dataport, we offer datasets specific to electric vehicle charging, rooftop solar generation, energy storage and energy use down to individual household circuits, including heating and cooling systems. In 2018, Pecan Street added high-resolution water use data generated by our own instrumentation for 300 homes, creating a globally unique energy-water nexus research platform.

In addition to data measured and collected by Pecan Street, Dataport also includes curated datasets from other sources, including the U.S. government, weather institutions, utility industry institutions and others, that aid researchers conduct innovative analyses.

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