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Tips on preparing for federal funding and the Department of Energy grant application process – a seminar for environmental justice organizations

Seminar: September 22, 2021

To support environmental justice organizations in securing federal funds for their critical work, Pecan Street is leading a seminar series on tips for preparing federal grant applications and getting ready for federal funding. Topics to be covered include explanations of federal grants terminology; common operational structures that small non-profits will need to put into place to be eligible for federal awards, such as time-keeping records and an application for federal approval of indirect rates; and the different auditing requirements on organizations that receive under $750k annually and those that receive over this amount in federal grants. The seminar is offered through Pecan Street’s newly launched Center for Race, Energy, and Climate Justice, and will be led by Pecan Street’s CFO & General Counsel Fisayo Fadelu.

The second session is scheduled for September 22. You can watch a recording of the first session here.

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Past Events

Building Decarbonization: How to transition homes and businesses to carbon-free energy

Webinar: Wednesday, May 19, 2021, Noon Central

In the fight to address climate change and decarbonize our economy, we must decarbonize homes and businesses to eliminate building sector emissions. But how?

Pecan Street’s 2019 Electric Texas report examined the possibility of converting all residential heating in ERCOT’s service area to electric. Building on that effort, we’ve assembled a panel of experts to discuss the opportunities and challenges for building decarbonization.

Thank you for joining us on May 19 to learn more about the state of building electrification efforts, energy efficiency solutions, health and indoor air quality implications, and the policy and technical challenges to decarbonizing our built environment.

Digital Dirt: Finding AI Solutions for Soil Carbon Sequestration

Webinar: Tuesday, April 27, 2021, Noon Central

Soil carbon sequestration through regenerative farming can increase food production, raise farmer profitability, and drawdown atmospheric carbon. But we currently lack the data necessary to establish robust carbon markets that would support widescale regenerative farming.

This conversation with leaders in the fields of artificial intelligence and soil science focused on how AI can unlock the promising potential of soil carbon sequestration through regenerative farming. The panel included members from Pecan Street’s AI for Soils Working Group, who discussed their progress and challenges in trying to close the soil carbon data gaps.

Understanding the Texas Grid Crisis

Webinar: Tuesday, April 6

Late February was a trying time to be a Texan. The winter storm and ensuing grid crisis left millions of homes and businesses without power and exposed to extreme winter temperatures. In the aftermath, those in the energy sector and beyond have been rushing to understand the Texas grid crisis and how we can prepare for similar extreme events in the future.

We reassembled our expert panel of Texas grid veterans to break down why the crisis happened, what they hope we learned, and the opportunities they see for fixing a broken system. Listen to our conversation with Kirk Watson, Pat Wood, and Jim Marston below.

What’s holding back the energy future we’ve been promised?

Webinar: Wednesday, March 3

Join Pecan Street and a host of experts on March 3 for a discussion of the technology and policy roadblocks to clean energy adoption and how the Biden administration can begin to overcome them.

The cost of solar systems and batteries has never been lower. Sophisticated home automation technology allows customers to control every outlet and appliance from their smartphone. Every auto manufacturer makes a new electric vehicle or has plans to make one or more models soon.

Why then, amidst all of this technology and market progress, does the electricity market in 2021 look so much like it did in 2010, or even 2000?

Pecan Street’s decade of electricity use and technology research has uncovered four key technology roadblocks that are holding back innovation and adoption of cleantech products, services, and systems. The webinar will begin with a brief discussion of our findings and expand into regulatory and policy insight from our panel of experts.

Black Software with Author Dr. Charlton McIlwain
Webinar: Friday, December 18

Our Race & Energy series recently featured author and NYU professor Dr. Charlton McIlwain. Dr. McIlwain joined Pecan Street’s CEO Suzanne Russo for a conversation about his new book, Black Software: The Internet and Racial Justice, from the Afronet to Black Lives Matter. In Black Software, Dr. McIlwain explores the role and lasting impact that Black people have played in shaping the internet, and the role of the internet in shaping the racial justice movement. Russo and Dr. McIlwain discussed how the energy sector can promote racial justice by preventing racial bias in AI tools, on digital platforms, and in online data collection.

Dr. McIlwain is the Vice Provost for Faculty Engagement and Development, and Professor of Media, Culture, and Communications at NYU.

An Urgent Case for Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy
Webinar: Wednesday, October 28

Thank you to everyone who joined us for this conversation about how we begin to focus clean energy advocacy toward solving the most urgent issues of our time. 

If 2020 has taught us one thing, it’s that the time for incrementalism has passed. We need swift action to right the ship and accelerate progress on addressing the COVID-induced economic downturn and the undeniable impacts of climate change. We can simultaneously create jobs and reduce carbon emissions. And if done with intention, we can also address equity issues and improve air quality. The solution?

Rapid and widespread deployment of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

A recording of the webinar is posted below.

How Soils Can Help Solve the Climate Crisis 
Webinar: Wednesday, October 21

Thank you to everyone who joined this conversation with experts from the soil sciences and regenerative agriculture about the potential of soil carbon sequestration. The discussion included how soil carbon sequestration through regenerative farming practices can increase food production, raise farmer profitability, and drawdown atmospheric carbon. The panel also discussed the barriers to widespread adoption of regenerative farming and what Pecan Street and others are doing to overcome these barriers.

A recording of the webinar is posted below.

Shifting Energy Use Trends Due to COVID-19
Webinar: Wednesday, August 26

Thank you to everyone who joined our August 26th conversation with Pecan Street’s Chief Technology Officer Scott Hinson about the changing trends in home energy used during COVID-19.

A recording of the webinar is posted below.

Smart DERs – The Missing Link
Webinar: Friday, August 7

Thank you to our panel and everyone who joined the Smart DERs – The Missin Link webinar! The panel discussed how smart DERs are necessary to sufficiently expand the grid’s hosting capacity for renewables. With the advent of smart inverters, standardized around California’s Rule 21, the technical capabilities exist to allow DERs to provide a holistic set of services to customers and utilities rather than a single value proposition of unmanaged energy generation. While smart inverters have a significant amount of useful features, they lack the intelligence to utilize these features – such as data observation on grid voltage, harmonics and frequency combined with data on real-time energy demand – to make the kinds of real-time decisions that would result in a more resilient and efficient grid system rather than one in which DERs are often viewed by utilities as a burden.

A recording of the webinar is posted below.

Race & Energy Webinar II
Webinar: Wednesday, August 5, Noon Central

Thank you to everyone who joined the second webinar in our Race & Energy series! We were thrilled to have our distinguished panelists join us again to continue this conversation. The panel will take a deeper dive into the issues surrounding race and how it impacts energy affordability, and specifically, why we should consider race and income as separate indicators for energy programs.

A recording of the webinar is posted below.

Clean Energy Texas: How The Lone Star State Became An Unlikely Leader & How Others Can Follow Its Lead.
Webinar: Tuesday, July 14, 10am Central

Thanks for joining our conversation with this all-star panel of Texas’ clean energy leaders about how Texas became the clean energy state that it is today. We discussed how the state can continue to lead in deploying renewables and what other states can learn from Texas’ approach to creating a clean energy future.

A recording of the webinar is posted below.

Race & Energy – A Pecan Street Webinar
Webinar: Tuesday, June 30, Noon Central

Thanks to everyone who joined our discussion on race and energy on June 30th. Our distinguished panelists discussed how race impacts energy affordability, equality of opportunity to participate in emerging clean energy programs and markets, and models for how to design equitable energy programs.

A recording of the webinar is posted below.

Vehicle to Grid Technology and Energy Storage – Testing Texas’ First V2G System as A Dispatchable Resource
Webinar: Friday, June 5, 2020

Pecan Street’s Engineering Team led a discussion about the latest on Vehicle to Grid (V2G) technology, including highlights from our recent V2G demonstration project, Tesla’s recent V2G announcement, and an overview of Pecan Street’s ongoing EV research. Download Pecan Street’s V2G Case Study or watch the webinar on YouTube.

A recording of the webinar is posted below.

Shifting Energy Use Trends Due to COVID-19
Webinar: Friday, May 15, 2020

Pecan Street CTO Scott Hinson presented our analysis of how energy use has shifted among residents that participate in our electricity research. Watch the webinar on YouTube or read Scott’s blog about the analysis.

A recording of the webinar is posted below.

Artificial Intelligence for Grid Decarbonization
Webinar: May 12, 2020

Pecan Street was joined by our partners at Cambridge Innovation Center and Beyond Limits to discuss near term opportunities and challenges for how to best leverage AI to accelerate grid decarbonization. The conversation included a discussion of how AI can be used to make more informed decisions at the generation level, highlights from industry efforts to deploy AI for decarbonization, and the role that AI can play in optimizing renewable generation sources for a cleaner grid.

A recording of the webinar is posted below.