Pecan Street CTO Scott Hinson presented our analysis of how energy use has shifted among residents that participate in our electricity research.

Watch the webinar on YouTube, or read Scott’s detailed blog that explains how energy use has shifted.

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As the patterns of our lives shift in response to COVID-19, our energy profiles are shifting, too. Overall, electricity demand has decreased and is expected to remain lower as commercial buildings, factories and other large electricity users slow or stop operations. Residential use, on the other hand, is expected to rise as we shelter in place. On March 12, Bloomberg claimed “Every day’s a weekend.” But it’s now a day with more people at home using more devices for Zooming, streaming and gaming.

Pecan Street has been monitoring electricity use and generation from hundreds of homes in our research network for nearly a decade. Many of these homes have rooftop solar and electric vehicles, and we’ve been measuring each home’s total energy use as well as use from individual circuits, like heating/cooling, EV charging, refrigerator, etc. With all of the data at our fingertips, we decided to take a look at how our participants’ energy profile has changed since COVID-19 sent everyone home.

Our analysis of March 2020 data was covered by Greentech Media. This webinar includes data from April 2020.