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Pecan Street’s energy expertise is bridging gaps between industry, researchers and customers. Our research insights help corporations, entrepreneurs and policymakers develop leapfrog solutions that accelerate the transition to clean energy. We specialize in modeling, testing and verifying new “smart home” technology, electricity pricing, electric vehicle infrastructure, solar energy and energy storage.

Our one-of-a-kind research network includes more than 1,000 volunteer participants whose homes’ energy use (and, for solar residents, generation) is measured and can be analyzed in real time.

Spotlight – Austin SHINES

As part of the Department of Energy’s Sun Shot Initiative, Pecan Street worked with Austin Energy to test the storage of electricity generated by utility-scale and residential photovoltaic solar panels. The residential portion of the project occured in Austin’s Mueller neighborhood, where Pecan Street’s energy research began.

Other Pecan Street Energy Initiatives

Microgrid R&D – Pecan Street developed an open-source product prototype called the “Energy Switch,” which performs as a residential microgrid-in-a-box. Intended as a reference design and demonstration for the development of a new generation of residential energy systems, Energy Switch showed how solar + storage can provide customer and system benefits. Learn more about Energy Switch and Pecan Street’s Microgrid research.

Dual-socketed meter network – Together with Austin Energy and Landys+Gyr, Pecan Street developed a dual meter network with a subset of homes participating in Pecan Street’s research. The network works in parallel with customers’ actual meters to simulate billing, pricing models and use scenarios.

Energy Insights – Pecan Street publishes white papers and research briefs highlighting some unique energy insights, including the performance of west- versus south-facing rooftop PV, electric vehicle charging behavior, energy pricing trials, and efficiency and energy use in affordable housing.