Pecan Street publishes a variety of material related to our work, including reports, white papers, case studies and more.

Below are titles and short descriptions of published material that is available and free to download.

If you’re looking for papers independent researchers have published using Pecan Street data, please visit this comprehensive listing.

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Using Behind-the-Meter Storage to Reduce 4CP Load
White paper – summarizes the benefits of having behind-the-meter (BTM) assets that can aid in decreasing a utility’s net transmission load through 4 Coincident Peaks (4CP) events.

Technology Roadblocks to the Clean Energy Future
White paper – examines four roadblocks that are holding back innovation and adoption of cleantech products, services and systems

Vehicle to Grid Technology and Energy Storage
Case study – details the installation of Texas’ first V2G equipment at Pecan Street’s lab in Austin and how it was integrated into Austin Energy’s Austin SHINES project

Recommendations for Building Regional Cleantech Hubs
White paper – proposes recommendations for building regional cleantech hubs and lessons learned from Pecan Street’s PLATFORM for Product Launch

A Toolkit for Cleantech Program-Related Investments
White paper – provides a 5-step toolkit for foundations to move the dial on climate change using PRIs

Exploiting the Energy-Water Nexus to Reduce Emissions and Conserve Water
White paper – estimates the climate emissions potential of residential electricity and water conservation and identifies the household energy uses with the highest water intensity and the water uses with the highest energy intensity.

Electric Texas: Emission and Grid Impacts of All-Electric Residential Heating
White paper – examines the possibility of converting all residential heating in the ERCOT service area to electric. The switch could achieve significant reductions in climate and local air pollution as well as save Texans money through lower monthly utility bills.

Pecan Street’s Final Technology Performance Report to the U.S. Department of Energy
Report – the final technology report to the Department of Energy examining Pecan Street’s founding smart grid demonstration project. The report was presented in February 2015.