The EV transition is upon us. California may ban the sale of gasoline cars by 2035. The Inflation Reduction Act includes billions in incentives to shift car buyers toward EVs. This boom will lead to millions of home chargers, high-demand charging sessions, and an entirely new set of behaviors, costs and grid impacts.

Webinar Details

Pecan Street has developed the most robust dataset of home energy use and generation, including EV charging data for 150 EV owners. Our EV dataset includes more than 300,000 charging sessions for more than 200 individual EVs and 10 EV models.

Based on this unique data, Pecan Street’s CTO Scott Hinson and data analyst Cavan Merski highlighted the key issues and opportunities customers, utilities, grid operators, and car and charging companies should prepare for to accelerate an all-electric transportation system.
Scott and Cavan discussed:

  • EV charging frequency and load trends 
  • Customer EV charging response to utility incentive programs and grid operator conservation pleas
  • Home integration of EV charging (battery backup, electric panel upgrades, load synchronization)  
  • Market development potential for EV charging and V2G as a distributed energy resource (DER).

Download Scott’s and Cavan’s slides or watch the recorded webinar, below. You can also review a Q&A we distributed after the webinar.

Event Start Date: September 29, 2022 11:00 am


Scott Hinson, Pecan Street Inc.

Scott is an electrical engineer with deep knowledge of signals and systems. He is the Chief Technology Officer at Pecan Street and directs research efforts to study the grid and climate impacts for integrating renewable technologies, electric vehicles, and software enabled smart devices that will modernize and decarbonize the electric and transportation sectors.

Cavan Merski, Pecan Street Inc.

Cavan is a data analyst at Pecan Street, where he turns our data into insights through analysis and reporting. Previously, he worked at the City of Austin’s Office of Sustainability, where he led their greenhouse gas accounting efforts and helped develop their Climate and Equity Plan. Prior to that he was a semiconductor test engineer at Samsung and received his BSE in Industrial and Operations Engineering from the University of Michigan.

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