Building Decarbonization – How to transition homes and businesses to carbon-free energy

In the fight to address climate change and decarbonize our economy, we must decarbonize homes and businesses to eliminate building sector emissions. But how?

Pecan Street’s 2019 Electric Texas report examined the possibility of converting all residential heating in ERCOT’s service area to electric. Building on that effort, we’ve assembled a panel of experts to discuss the opportunities and challenges for building decarbonization.

Thank you for joining us on May 19 to learn more about the state of building electrification efforts, energy efficiency solutions, health and indoor air quality implications, and the policy and technical challenges to decarbonizing our built environment.

About the Speakers:

Amar Shah, Manager, Rocky Mountain Institute – Amar leads strategic research and analysis for the Carbon-Free Buildings team at RMI. RMI is a non-partisan, non-profit organization that works to transform global energy systems across the real economy.

His work includes RMI’s New Economics of Electrifying Buildings, which evaluates project economics and carbon emissions impacts of residential electrification in seven cities across the US.  He also directs the team’s policy work in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Prior to RMI, Amar spent twelve years helping Global 2000 companies deploy data analytics capabilities to improve decision-making and go-to-market strategies. He has led engagements across three continents, spanning retail, financial services, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, and manufacturing.

Joshua D. Rhodes, Ph.D., Research Associate at The University of Texas at Austin, and a Founding partner of IdeaSmiths LLC – Joshua’s current work is in the area of smart grid and the bulk electricity system, including spatial system-level applications and impacts of energy efficiency, resource planning, distributed generation, and storage. He is also interested in policy and the impacts that good policy can have on the efficiency of the micro and macro economy. He is also a regular contributor to Forbes and is an AXIOS Expert Voice. He sits on the boards of the Texas Solar Energy Society and Pecan Street Inc. (Data Advisory Board). He holds a double bachelor’s in mathematics and Economics from Stephen F. Austin State University, a master’s in computational mathematics from Texas A&M University, a master’s in architectural engineering from The University of Texas at Austin and a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin. He enjoys mountain biking, rock climbing, and a good cup of coffee.

Tom Paine JD, Senior Policy Advisor, Consol – Tom has been working in the building efficiency, energy policy and sustainability sectors for over a dozen years, working in public and private capacities and as an entrepreneur. With substantial training in energy policy and law, Tom brings a combined practical and academic approach to advancing energy efficiency and other sustainability issues.


William Allen, Ph.D., Senior Technical Advisor, Consol – Dr. Allen is  Senior Technical Consultant at ConSol, a California company specializing in energy efficiency consulting, program management, and technology integration. He is responsible for the management, planning and technical oversight of ConSol’s energy efficiency projects. Prior to joining ConSol, he worked as a Senior Development Engineer at the Western Cooling Efficiency Center at UC Davis specializing in the development and testing of innovative high-efficiency air-conditioning systems. Dr Allen has a BA and PhD in Physics, and an MSC in Electronic Materials.