Home Load Control: Extending Smaller Electric Panels as Electrification Expands

  For this report, we explored the impact of increased electrification on homes with smaller electric panels (100A). We examined second-by-second data from our research network in over 400 homes over the last three years. We scanned more than 12.6 billion data points and analyzed all main breaker loads that exceeded 20kW – a level […]

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Smart Cooling: Leveraging Technology and Behavior to Stay Cool and Reduce Energy Demand

  The COVID-19 pandemic altered daily life around the world, including changes in how people live, work, and consume energy. As people spent more time at home, Pecan Street found several opportunities to examine home energy trends and conservation opportunities. Energy used for heating and cooling homes (heating, ventilation and air conditioning, or HVAC) is […]

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Regenerative Agriculture and Producer Decision Making: A Literature Review

Pecan Street recently collaborated with an interdisciplinary team of researchers from Cornell University, Colorado State University, and Texas State University on a National Science Foundation-funded planning grant aimed at designing a research project that would lay the technological and social foundations for facilitating regenerative farmland management. As part of this effort, we investigated how farmers […]

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Heat Pump Primer: Understanding the Technology That Will Drive Decades of Residential Decarbonization

  Residential heat pump installations are poised to rapidly accelerate over the next decade as part of the effort to electrify homes and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. As of 2020, only 14% of America’s 124 million housing units used heat pumps for space heating. To help households make sense of this technology and understand system […]

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Vehicle to Grid Technology and Energy Storage

Vehicle to Grid Technology and Energy Storage Vehicle to Grid technology, or V2G, allows energy to flow from the grid to the vehicle when charging the vehicle, and vice-versa, from the vehicle to the grid to provide additional power to the grid. This allows V2G-equipped electric vehicles to act as Energy Storage Systems (ESS) when […]

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Cooling a Warming Planet:  What Homes in Texas and New York Can Teach Us About Cooling Demand Around the Globe

  Pecan Street draws on our network of volunteer research participants to examine cooling loads in different parts of the United States. Our data show that cooling loads differ based on location, building characteristics, cooling systems, and human behavior. Understanding how these factors interact will be crucial to managing cooling load growth over the next […]

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Untapped in Texas: 
How Solar, EVs and Demand Response Could Fortify the Grid

  Texans will never forget February 2021. Winter Storm Uri crippled the state’s natural gas supply and sparked a cascading failure of our electricity system. More than 4 million homes and businesses lost power, many of them for days. More than 700 people died. The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas estimated the electricity crisis cost […]

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Financing the Transition to Regenerative Agriculture and Beyond

Trillions of dollars of return are possible from investments across the agricultural value chain in coming decades. Access to capital to support the transition to regenerative land management practices that build soil health is a challenge and opportunity that looms large. This landscape analysis examines how traditional agricultural funding resources can adapt to support innovative […]

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Accelerating Solutions for the Measurement and Verification of Soil Organic Carbon 

  Regenerative land management practices that build soil health transform agriculture from a global greenhouse gas (GHG) emitter to a global carbon sink and contribute to climate resilience. Rapid deployment of reliable and low-cost soil organic carbon (SOC) monitoring and verification (M&V) solutions, along with careful attention to the equitable design of carbon markets, will […]

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Understanding Energy Data Privacy and Behavior

Authored by Dr. Vedran Lesic for Pecan Street Inc. This report seeks to gain understanding of individuals’ perceptions of how high-resolution energy data contributes to the formation of their identity and an understanding of household perspectives on the importance of protecting the privacy of energy data. The report explores the rapidly evolving landscape of how […]

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