Three Keys To Unlocking The Climate Solution Right Under Our Feet

Pecan Street’s CEO Featured by Forbes Technology Council

An article by Pecan Street’s CEO Suzanne Russo was recently published by Forbes about the role that soil carbon sequestration can play in addressing climate change. This article was published by the Forbes Technology Council, of which Russo is a member. You can expect to see more thought leadership on the clean energy industry, technology, and our work to address climate change published through the Forbes Technolgy Council in the near future.

You can read an excerpt from the article below or read the full article on Forbes.

Whether it’s a shimmering solar panel, a sleek electric vehicle or a futuristic tower that can suck carbon dioxide from the sky, most of the imagery we associate with decarbonization is new, shiny and high tech.

But there’s one climate solution that is billions of years old and, quite literally, very dirty: soil.

The idea of sequestering carbon in farmland soils is gaining momentum thanks to the Climate 21 Project and the Biden administration. Markets for agricultural carbon offsets are emerging at regional, national and global scales. Globally, investments in carbon offset markets tripled from 2016 to 2019 and are estimated to grow to $200 billion by 2050.

Flipping agriculture from a net emitter of greenhouse gases to a net carbon sink would secure a huge win for the environment. And it’s possible. But it will take new technology, research and funding to get there.

Read the full article on Forbes.