Real energy. Real customers. In real time.

Energy research is at the heart of Pecan Street. Since 2010, we have built the world’s preeminent research network of energy and water customers. The anonymized data from these volunteer participants’ home electricity use, solar panel performance, electric vehicle charging, and response to utility programs has become the world’s largest research database of customer water and disaggregated electricity insight.

Our unique research network data is at the core of Dataport, which makes the terabytes of customer data accessible, manageable, visible and usable for university researchers around the world. In the year our data has been made available, researchers from more than 50 universities in 12 countries have joined.

Our energy research network includes:

  • Over 1,300 volunteers across the nation
  • Circuit-level (disaggregated) and whole-home electricity use data
  • Smart water meter data
  • Smart natural gas meter data
  • Deployment of near- and early-market technologies, for field-trial analysis
  • Integration of dense networks of roof-top solar generation and Level 2 electric vehicle charging
  • Deployment of participant mobile apps, which present energy-conserving and water-conserving recommendations, along with home diagnostic information

We learned very early on that one of the reasons no one had done this before is that it’s really complicated. In one year, our team developed Department of Energy-approved cybersecurity policies, invented a back-end big data management system, developed model participant privacy policies, launched a participant recruitment campaign and began collecting data.

Our network continues to grow and our understanding of customer use and preferences continues to expand. But our work also serves as a replicable model for other markets, communities and countries. We help cities and utilities set up their own smart community projects, and we provide analysis using our unique data resources to help communities and companies prepare for America’s changing energy profile.

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