We’re not trying to solve all the world’s challenges. Just the two biggest ones.

Water and energy are two of the planet’s greatest challenges, and they are inextricably connected. Addressing one requires addressing the other. And solving them both will grow the economy, improve people’s lives and protect our natural resources and climate.

Unlike any other organization, Pecan Street is focused on advancing university research and accelerating innovation in water and energy. We provide utilities, technology companies and university researchers access to the world’s best data on consumer energy and water consumption behavior, testing and verification of technology solutions, and commercialization services to help them bring their innovations to market faster. We help prepare technically-focused students for careers with industry, and we help them conduct research that will change the world.

The solution to our water and energy challenge will require a mixture of new technologies. But it will first require a detailed understanding of customers’ water and energy use behavior. Pecan Street’s research addresses technology and behavior and how the two interact. Our ambition is to provide the companies, researchers and organizations that will lead the way toward a more efficient, customer-driven energy and water system, with the research, analysis and insights they need to be successful.

Since Pecan Street’s founding, our demonstration-based approach to research has become an international model for how to develop and operate real-world smart community projects that advance university education, and community and industry preparedness. Our network of over 1,300 volunteers across the nation is the first of its kind on the planet. Our commercialization lab is an affordable, world-class proving ground for new products and services for major corporations and startups alike. And our database, the largest source of disaggregated customer energy data, is used by university researchers and industry-leading companies around the world.

Headquartered in Austin, Pecan Street is a 501(c)(3) research and development organization.