PLATFORM for Product Launch

Pecan Street has developed a robust platform that integrates data-driven market intelligence, minimum viable product development and validation methods, rapid prototyping capabilities, and collaboration between industry and the technical community. With support from the Department of Energy and private sector partners, Pecan Street is leveraging this platform to create expanded funding and market entry opportunities for clean energy hardware innovations.

The PLATFORM for Product Launch (Pecan Street Leveraged Assets for Technology Feasibility Review, Optimization and Marketing) links third-party validation of emerging technologies with subsequent investment decisions. This model will streamline the process of obtaining investment based on technology validation and provide potential funders with concrete data on which to base investment decisions. Product validation reports will include environmental impact metrics to facilitate increased application of impact investing and foundation Program-Related Investment capital to American innovation in clean energy technologies, thereby accelerating our transition to clean energy while creating domestic jobs.

Company Benefits

The PLATFORM will leverage Pecan Street’s product development, testing and demonstration assets to validate a new approach to clean energy technology commercialization that accomplishes the following:

  1. Bridge the gap between industry needs and entrepreneurial technologies by engaging industry partners to evaluate and make recommendations on start-ups and early-stage clean energy hardware technologies;
  2. Create a model to overcome industry procurement barriers that inhibit American innovation by providing a verification and demonstration platform in Pecan Street’s lab and community testbeds that allows utilities and key players in the energy space to evaluate technologies without risk or commitment;
  3. Use Pecan Street’s unique resources, including rapid prototyping, performance testing and troubleshooting, production consulting, and national testbeds to create high-impact hardware products that meet the industry’s needs; and
  4. Unlock access to non-traditional start-up funding sources, such as impact investing and mission-driven donors, by providing validated technology performance reports that include environmental performance metrics.

Investor Benefits

Pecan Street’s product development model will ensure expensive investments in intellectual property protection, product certification, manufacturing, and supply chain development are avoided early in the product development process and are only funded in later phases, once solid market validation is achieved. The unique resources of this project team create a model for collaboration and product development that links product development with market validation and financing to lower the cost of commercializing energy innovations and accelerate market adoption. Furthermore, Pecan Street’s established consortia model for connecting the technical/academic community, which is often focused on inventions, with industry stakeholders and early feedback loops from target customers is critical in converting those inventions into successful products.

Apply Now

Pecan Street is currently accepting applications for PLATFORM. Start-ups with a clean energy hardware innovation targeted at the residential and/or small commercial sectors and who have a functioning prototype can apply here. Selected companies will be notified within 60 days of applying.

About Pecan Street Inc.

Since its founding in 2009, Pecan Street Inc. has been known as an international center for innovation in residential electric and water hardware and software products, services and applications. The organization sits at the apex between industry and research, bridging the gaps between innovation and successful commercialization to accelerate advancements in clean energy and water conservation. For more information about PLATFORM, email or call 512- 782-9213.

The PLATFORM is guided by an Innovation Advisory Council created specifically for this program. The council includes the following experts in venture funding, company incubation, hardware and software technology and other clean energy issues.

  • Christophe Defert, Centrica Innovations Director – Ventures
  • Sergej Mahnovski, Edison International, director of strategic planning
  • Tilak Gopalarathnam, LG Electronics, director of technology partnerships
  • Kirk Coburn, Shell Ventures
  • Isaac Barchas, Translational Research Institute, president & CEO
  • Jason Ballard, TreeHouse, CEO
  • Melissa Uhl, Elemental Excelerator, chief of staff
  • Bomee Jung, NYC Housing Authority, VP of sustainability
  • Sarah Richards, Cynthia & George Mitchell Foundation, program officer
  • Gregory Lopez, Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, climate program director
  • Benjamin Gaddy, Clean Energy Trust, director of technology development

PLATFORM for Product Launch is managed by Pecan Street Inc., with implementation support from:

  • Translational Research Institute – Ryan Field, director of operations
  • Austin Technology Incubator – Mitch Jacobson, director
  • Austin Energy – Karl Popham, director of emerging technologies