Researchers from around the world have used Pecan Street data to publish more than 150 peer-reviewed papers on topics ranging from electric vehicle charging and energy storage to solar energy and electricity pricing.

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Following is a partial listing of known research papers.

Academic Papers Using Pecan Street Data

Title Topic/Tags Date Published
Title Link Topic/Tags Date Published
Profiles, harmonics, and transient analysis of 240 V air conditioning load during peak demand air conditioning, harmonics, load characterization, peak load demand, power factor, power quality, voltage variation Jul 2016
SolarClique: Detecting Anomalies in Residential Solar Arrays algorithms, population Jun 2018
A collaborative framework for annotating energy datasets appliances states, data mining, disaggregation, ground truth acquisition Nov 2015
Motif-based Association Rule Mining and Clustering Technique for Determining Energy Usage Patterns for Smart Meter Data association rule, clustering, data analytics, motif, smart meter, temporal data mining Jan 2019
Inferring the behavior of distributed energy resources with online learning real-time systems, algorithms, home appliances, power measurement, load modeling Oct 2015
Integrated PV Charging of EV Fleet Based on Energy Prices, V2G and Offer of Reserves automobiles, batteries, EV, employment, optimization, state of charge Oct 2017
Improving solar-induced grid-level flexibility requirements using residential central utility plants batteries, cooling, sensitivity, production, substations, analytical models Jun 2017
Characterization of Storage Sizing for an Off-Grid House in the US and the Netherlands batteries, household, islanded, off grid, sea salt battery, sizing, storage Jan 2018
Management of renewable energy source and battery bank for power losses optimization energy storage, batteries, microgrid, distributed control, distributed generation, power sharing Jan 2019
Community energy storage: A smart choice for the smart grid? batteries, energy storage, community, distributed PV Feb 2018
Optimal battery sizing of smart home via convex programming batteries, energy storage, energy management, optimal sizing, PV, smart homes Dec 2017
An online disaggregation algorithm and its application to demand control statistical modeling, algorithms, particle filters Nov 2017
Apples or oranges? Identification of fundamental load shape profiles for benchmarking buildings using a large and diverse dataset building energy, data analysis, energy benchmarking, load profile Feb 2019
On the feature engineering of building energy data mining building energy, feature engineering, data analysis, principal component analysis, learning methods May 2018
An Open Source Smart Building Energy Management Platform through VOLTTRON building energy, volttron Aug 2017
One rate does not fit all: An empirical analysis of electricity tariffs for residential microgrids capacity charges, electricity tariffs, residential, microgrids, simulation, smart electricity markets, time-varying rates Jan 2018
Optimal dispatch and equipment sizing of a residential central utility plant for improving rooftop solar integration central utility plant, distributed energy systems, mixed integer linear program Mar 2018
capacity charges, clectricity tariffs, residential, microgrid, simulation, smart electricity markets, time-varying rates programming, microgrid Jun 2016
Enabling technologies and technical solutions for the Energy Internet: lessons learned and case studies from Pecan Street Inc. clean energy, distributed generation, distributed PV, energy internet, internet of things, prosumers, smart grid Jan 2019
Clustering analysis of residential loads clustering, residential, load Nov 2021
SGsim: Co-simulation Framework for ICT-Enabled Power Distribution Grids communication system, conservation voltage reduction, electricity distribution network, smart grid May 2014
Data-driven modeling of solar-powered urban microgrids complex networks, distributed generation, microgrid, power systems, resilience, PV Jan 2016
Short-term residential electric load forecasting: A compressive spatio-temporal approach data decomposition, load forecasting, residential, spatial correlation Jan 2016
Training-Free Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring of Electric Vehicle Charging with Low Sampling Rate computer science Oct 2014
Clustering Residential Electricity Load Curves via Community Detection in Network computer science, data structures & algorithms, social & information networks Nov 2018
An Exchange Mechanism to Coordinate Flexibility in Residential Energy Cooperatives computer science, multiagent systems Dec 2018
Non-intrusive Air Leakage Detection in Residential Homes computing methodologies, machine learning, neural network Jan 2018
Contextual Air Conditioning Disaggregation with Probabilistic Soft Logic computing methodologies, modeling and simulation, model development and analysis, modeling methodologies Nov 2015
Context-aware and user-centric residential energy management context, engines, sensors, energy management, smart grids, scalability, cognition Mar 2017
Reducing the cost of operational water on military bases through modeling, optimization, and control control, optimization, water, energy, military May 2017
Residential Short-Term Load Forecasting Using Convolutional Neural Networks convolution, feature extraction, forecasting, load forecasting, load modeling, predictive models, time series analysis Oct 2018
Efficient Selection of Consumers for Automated Demand Response Programs (Found under: "Efficient integration of smart appliances for demand response programs" cross-computing, metrics, mathematics of computing, probability, statistics, statistical paradigms Nov 2018
Spatio-Temporal Correlations in Cyber-Physical Systems: A Defense Against Data Availability Attacks cryptography, security, authentication, network properties, cyber physical systems Apr 2017
Human Behavior Aware Energy Management in Residential Cyber-Physical Systems cyber physical systems, energy scheduling, internet of things, residential energy, user behavior, user flexibility Mar 2017
Continuation power flow analysis for PV integration studies at distribution feeders daily voltage fluctuation, distribution system, load disaggreagation, PV integration, residential load Apr 2017
A preliminary investigation of water usage behavior in single-family homes daily water use, data analytics, occupant behavior, residential water consumption, water usage behavior Dec 2017
An electricity consumption model for synthesizing scalable electricity load curves data acquisition, data models, data synthesis, statistical modeling Feb 2019
Data-Driven Methodology for Energy and Peak Load Reduction of Residential HVAC Systems data analytics hvac systems, residential buildings, smart grid Nov 2021
An advanced data driven model for residential electric vehicle charging demand data mining, EV, load modeling, queuing analysis Jul 2015
Grade Analysis for households segmentation based on energy usage patterns data visualisation, home computing, pattern clustering, power engineering computing, statistical analysis Jul 2017
Bayesian State Estimation for Distribution Systems: A Deep Learning Approach (Found under: Bayesian State Estimation for Unobservable Distribution Systems via Deep Learning) deep learning, neural network, mean squared error, algorithms Nov 2018
Greedy Deep Disaggregating Sparse Coding deep learning, dictionary learning, energy disaggregation Jun 2016
Non-intrusive Load Monitoring Using Imaging Time Series and Convolutional Neural Networks deep learning, neural network, mean squared error, algorithms Nov 2021
A House Appliances-Level Co-simulation Framework for Smart Grid Applications demand response Oct 2018
Load Flexibility for Price based Demand Response demand response, load shift, profile steering Jan 2018
Adaptive Segmentation and Machine Learning Based Potential DR Capacity Analysis demand response, LVAMI, adaptive k-means, machine learning Jun 2018
Estimating the benefits of cooperation in a residential microgrid: A data-driven approach demand response, microgrid, peak shaving Oct 2016
Neural network based optimization approach for energy demand prediction in smart grid demand side management, energy usage, load prediction, neural network, optimization techniques Jan 2018
Balancing islanded residential microgrids using demand side management demand side management, islanding, load management, microgrid Sep 2016
Assessing the potential of residential HVAC systems for demand-side management demand-side management, hvac systems, residential control Sep 2016
Integrated systems testing of a smart home for increased grid hosting capacity algorithms, load flow, testing, real-time systems, batteries, inverters, building management Jul 2016
Understanding the potential for electricity savings and assessing feasibility of a transition towards DC powered buildings direct current, residential, energy efficiency, economics Nov 2021
How much electricity can we save by using direct current circuits in homes? Understanding the potential for electricity savings and assessing feasibility of a transition towards DC powered buildings direct current, residential, energy efficiency, economics Oct 2016
Setting the Benchmark for Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring: A Comprehensive Assessment of AMI-based Load Disaggregation disagreggation, NILM
Distribution transformers short-term load forecasting models distribution transformer load forecasting, linear regression models, short-term load forecasting Jul 2016
Extracting and Defining Flexibility of Residential Electrical Vehicle Charging Loads dynamic demand response, EV, energy disaggregation, smart grid, smart meter Jul 2017
On Inferring how resources are shared in IoT ecosystems, a Graph Theoretic Approach ecosystems, smart meter, resource management, receivers, monitoring, internet of things, graph theory Feb 2018
Using advanced metering infrastructure to characterize residential energy use electricity Apr 2017
Comparison of two residential Smart Grid pilots in the Netherlands and in the USA, focusing on energy performance and user experiences electricity consumption, electricity generation, end-users, residential applications, smart grids Apr 2017
Electricity Market Reform electricity market, energy business model, energy internet, energy trading, prosumers, community, transactive energy Jan 2019
Electricity Market Mechanism Design for Grid-Connected Prosuming Communities electricity market, mechanism design, prosumers, PV May 2018
Electric utility behavior and demand management programs energy
Using BEopt (EnergyPlus) with energy audits and surveys to predict actual residential energy usage energy audit, energy Jan 2015
Thermostat metrics derived from HVAC cycling data for targeted utility efficiency programs energy efficiency, thermostat, energy, cost-effectiveness, air conditioning Apr 2016
Control of Shared Energy Storage Assets Within Building Clusters Using Reinforcement Learning energy storage, batteries, algorithms Sep 2018
Reliability Value of Distributed Solar+Storage Systems amidst Rare Weather Events energy storage, distributed generation planning, rare weather event, reliability value, self-sufficiency Jul 2018
The Importance of Temporal Resolution in Evaluating Residential Energy Storage energy storage, optimal operation, temporal resolution Jul 2017
A Case Study on Incentive-based Demand Response in Smart Grid energy, demand response May 2017
Contextually Supervised Source Separation with Application to Energy Disaggregation energy, disaggregation Dec 2012
The impacts of storing solar energy in the home to reduce reliance on the utility energy, energy supply and demand, energy policy, energ efficiency Jan 2017
An empirically-validated methodology to simulate electricity demand for electric vehicle charging energy, EV Aug 2014
Experimental and Data Collection Methods for a Large-Scale Smart Grid Deployment energy, smart grid, water, natural gas Feb 2014
Portion of home electricity use devoted to heating and cooling energy, smart grid, water, natural gas
A unit commitment study of the application of energy storage toward the integration of renewable generation energy, storage Jan 2012
A temporal assessment of vehicle use patterns and their impact on the provision of vehicle-to-grid services energy, vehicle-to-grid (V2G) Sep 2012
Assessing the value of information in residential building simulation: Comparing simulated and actual building loads at the circuit level energyplus, residential, simulation, energy code Oct 2017
User Behavior Modeling for Estimating Residential Energy Consumption behavior modeling, mathematical modeling, voltage spike, energy modeling, software, mathematics, simulation Oct 2016
Modeling Electric Vehicle Consumption Profiles for Short-Term Forecasting and Long-Term Simulation EV, forecasting model, probabilistic evaluation, scenario generation, smart grid, smart homes Nov 2018
The sensitivity of vehicle-to-grid revenues to plug-in electric vehicle battery size and EVSE power rating EV, vehicle-to-grid (V2G), stochastic programming, energy Jul 2014
Electricity forecasting on the individual household level enhanced based on activity patterns forecasting, neural network, electricity, machine learning, algorithms, alternative energy Apr 2017
Scalable-Application Design for the IoT internet of things, scalability, context awareness, software engineering, smart grids Jan 2017
Power Grid Probing for Load Learning inverters, task analysis, reactive power, mathematical model Jan 2018
Predicting Hourly Residential Energy Consumption using Random Forest and Support Vector Regression: An Analysis of the Impact of Household Clustering on the Performance Accuracy load forecasting Nov 2021
Local Energy Exchange Considering Heterogeneous Prosumer Preferences load management, energy trading, energy consumption, energy exchange, local energy trading, production, prosumers, PV Sep 2018
Optimal Penetration of Home Energy Management Systems in Distribution Networks Considering Transformer Aging load modeling, home automation, insulation life, power distribution planning, power transformer insulation Nov 2016
Multi-objective Optimization for Power Load Recommendation Considering User's Comfort load shifting, multi-objective optimization, algorithms Sep 2017
Volatility of Power Grids Under Real-Time Pricing mathematical analysis, marginal cost pricing, real-time pricing, volatility May 2012
A Scalable Machine Learning Algorithm Utilizing Cloud Computing for Demand Forecasting in Smart Grids machine learning, demand forecasting, EV Sep 2018
Disambiguating Energy Disaggregation: A Collective Probabilistic Approach energy, disagreggation Aug 2017
Energy Coupon: A Mean Field Game Perspective on Demand Response in Smart Grids mathematics of computing, information theory, computing methodologies, modeling and simulation, simulation theory, systems theory Jun 2015
Performance comparison framework for energy disaggregation systems confusion matrices, device-level information, energy disaggregation, event classification, power assignment, reactive power, sampling frequency Nov 2015
A Frequency Based Real-time Electricity Rate for Residential Prosumers microgrid, autonomous, economic dispatch, energy cell, energy router, transactive control, distributed Jul 2017
Microgrid/Macrogrid Energy Exchange: A Novel Market Structure and Stochastic Scheduling microgrid, energy, energy exchange, optimization, economics Jan 2017
Modeling and Simulation of a Hybrid Energy Storage System for Residential Grid-Tied Solar Microgrid Systems microgrid, PV, hybrid energy storage systems, grid-tied, renewable energy, system modeling, batteries May 2017
Fully Decentralized Policies for Multi-Agent Systems: An Information Theoretic Approach distortion, information theory, distributed control system, deep learning, optimization problem, interaction, neural network Dec 2017
Clustering Approach for Short Term Electricity Forecasting neural network, hierarchical clustering, smart meter, time series clustering Jun 2015
Non-intrusive disaggregation of residential air-conditioning loads from sub-hourly smart meter data nonintrusive load monitoring, disagreggation, air conditioning, smart meter, energy Oct 2014
Blockchain Electricity Trading Under Demurrage optimization, blockchain, generators, load management, peer-to-peer computing, power markets, smart contracts Jan 2019
Community-scale residential air conditioning control for effective grid management peak demand, storage, air conditioning,energy Oct 2014
The “Smart Dim Fuse”: A new approach to load control as a distributed energy resource power demand, home appliances, aggregates, voltage measurement, voltage control, topology, power measurement Jul 2017
Regression-based Inverter Control for Decentralized Optimal Power Flow and Voltage Regulation inverters, voltage regulation, transformer, network model, control theory, maxima and minima, transformers, tweens decigram, quantum fluctuation Jul 2016
On the reliability gain of neighborhood coalitions: A data-driven study power systems, smart grid, energy demand, geographical diversity, neighborhood coalitions, demand, reliability Nov 2016
Shared Solar-powered EV Charging Stations: Feasibility and Benefits PV, EV, batteries Dec 2013
A multi-objective assessment of the effect of solar PV array orientation and tilt on energy production and system economics PV, peak demand, optimization, energy Oct 2014
Variable Speed Drives for Power Factor Correction in the Water Sector PV, power factor, power system stability, variable speed drives, energy Aug 2014
Analysis of high-resolution electric vehicle charging on time-of-use grid demands reactive power, loading, EV, batteries, power quality, power demand Jul 2015
Real-Time Energy Disaggregation of a Distribution Feeder's Demand Using Online Learning load modeling, predictive models, power measurement, machine learning, load forecasting, energy disaggregation, real-time filtering Jan 2017
Dynamic Pricing in Smart Grids under Thresholding Policies: Algorithms and Heuristics dynamic pricing, electricity market, load estimation, peak demand minimization, pricing, power demand, optimization Oct 2016
Household Segmentation by Load Shape and Daily Consumption smart meter data, unsupervised learning, segmentation, pv and storage, variability Aug 2017
An Advanced Data Driven Model for Residential Plugin Hybrid Electric Vehicle Charging Demand behavior, queueing theory, simulation, load profile, population parameter, hybrid kernel, projections & predictions Nov 2021
Clustering analysis of residential electricity demand profiles smart meter, energy Dec 2014
Real-time demand response potential evaluation: A smart meter driven method smart meters, load management, demand response, real time Jul 2016
Dataport and NILMTK: A building data set designed for non-intrusive load monitoring smartgrid, power demand, power system measurements, signal processing algorithms Dec 2015
Data-Driven Load Modeling and Forecasting of Residential Appliances statistics, applications Oct 2018
Modeling peak load reduction and energy consumption enabled by an integrated thermal energy and water storage system for residential air conditioning systems in Austin, Texas storage, air conditioning, water, energy-water nexus, peak load, energy Jun 2015
Combining a dynamic battery model with high-resolution smart grid data to assess microgrid islanding lifetime storage, microgrid, smart grid, PV, energy Jan 2015
Applied time-series Transfer learning time series, transfer learning Feb 2018
Climate control : smart thermostats, demand response, and energy efficiency in Austin, Texas urban studies & planning Nov 2021
Residential Water Use Index - First Edition water
Water Use Behavior in Single-Family Homes: A Case Study in Texas water usage behavior, daily water use, data analytics, occupant behavior, residential water consumption Aug 2017
A non-intrusive approach for classifying residential water events using coincident electricity data water, water disaggregation, electricity Feb 2018
Electric Vehicle Charging in the 21st Century EV May 2015
Disruptive Technologies in the Cable TV and Electric Utility Industries Jun 2015
Exploiting Temporal Difference for Energy Disaggregation via Discriminative Sparse Coding disagreggation Sep 2015
Decision Support for Group-based Electricity Prices in Smart Grids Nov 2016
Appliance Usage Prediction for the Smart Home with an Application to Energy Demand Side Management And Why Accuracy is not a Good Performance Metric for this Problem real time pricing, demand side management Jan 2017
Device-Level Data Analytics to Guide Policy May 2017
Load Composition Model Workflow Jul 2017
A cooperative multi-agent deep reinforcement learning framework for real-time residential load scheduling artificial intelligence, machine learning, planning and scheduling Apr 2019
A Supervised Machine Learning Approach to Control Energy Storage Devices Jan 2019
Appliance-level Residential Consumer Segmentation from Smart Meter Data Nov 2021
Data-driven simulation for energy consumption estimation in a smart home data-driven models, energy estimation, simulation Apr 2019
Deep Latent Generative Models for Energy Disaggregation Nov 2021
Disaggregating solar generation behind individual meters in real time applied computing, physical sciences and engineering, mathematics and statistics Nov 2018
Distribution Network State Estimation, Time Dependency and Fault Detection distribution networks, photovoltaic energy, customer loads aggregation Nov 2021
Electricity Consumption Forecasting for Smart Grid using the Multi-Factor Back-Propagation Neural Network electrical engineering, systems science, signal processing Feb 2019
Energetic Potential for Demand Response in Detached Single Family Homes in Austin, TX energy consumption, load management, home appliances, HVAC, load flow control, water heating, clustering algorithms Feb 2019
Estimating Buildings' Parameters over Time Including Prior Knowledge Jan 2019
Estimating PV Power from Aggregate Power Measurements within the Distribution Grid Feb 2019
Experiential Preference Elicitation for Autonomous Heating and Cooling Systems Nov 2021
Experimental Evidence on the Effect of Information and Pricing on Residential Electricity Consumption Feb 2019
Human Circadian Rhythm Detection Using Modern Power Grids
Investigation of Approaches for Incorporating Smart Meter Data in Load and PV Models in Medium Voltage Power System Studies Feb 2019
Learning Power Grid Topologies
Load Profile Based Electricity Consumer Clustering Using Affinity Propagation Nov 2021
Multi Label Restricted Boltzmann Machine for Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring Nov 2021
Non-intrusive load disaggregation based on deep dilated residual network load disaggregation, convolutional networks, residual network, dilated convolution May 2019
On Static and Adaptive Policies for Chance-Constrained Voltage Regulation reactive power, voltage control, uncertainty, optimization, inverters, solar power generation, random variables Oct 2018
Quantifying demand response under uncertainty in power systems Nov 2021
Residential Electric Vehicle Charging Characterization via Behavior Identification, Vehicle Classification, and Load Forecasting
Scalable Data-driven Modeling and Analytics for Smart Buildings Nov 2021
The power disaggregation algorithms and their applications to demand dispatch Mar 2019
Towards Buildings Energy Management: Using Seasonal Schedules Under Time of Use Pricing Tariff via Deep Neuro-Fuzzy Optimizer Apr 2019
Unsupervised Learning for Online Abnormality Detection in Smart Meter Data Feb 2019
Event-Detection Algorithms for Low Sampling Nonintrusive Load Monitoring Systems Based on Low Complexity Statistical Features energy monitoring, event detection, nonintrusive load monitoring, smart grids Apr 2019
Hierarchical and Distributed Machine Learning Inference Beyond the Edge machine learning, internet of things, edge computing, energy efficient computing Jan 2019
Optimal Residential Battery Storage Operations Using Robust Data-driven Dynamic Programming battery, energy storage, solar PV, robust optimization, dynamic programming, stochastic control Feb 2019
The Future of Electric Power Grid Apr 2019
Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Management and Relieve Impacts in Grids electric vehicle charging, batteries, power demand, load management, charging stations, power quality Aug 2018
Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Interface System-based Energy Management Application for a Residential Photovoltaic On-Grid System adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system, demand side management, energy management, smart grid Apr 2019
Performance Evaluation of Techniques for Identifying Abnormal Energy Consumption in Buildings anomaly detection, buildings, energy consumption, performance evaluation, testing, principal component analysis May 2019
The Role of Off-Grid Houses in the Energy Transition with a Case Study in the Netherlands electricity access; solar PV; off-grid house; sustainable development goals; sea-salt battery; glycerol fuel cell May 2019
A behavior-centered framework for real-time control and load-shedding using aggregated residential energy resources in distribution microgrids residential load synthesis; aggregated control; demand response; load shedding Sep 2019
A scheduling optimization model of electric water heaters for electricity cost minimization with limited information water heating; resistance heating; mathematical model, load modeling; optimization; temperature sensors; storage tanks May 2019
AMI Data Quality and Collection Method Considerations for Improving the Accuracy of Distribution Models Jun 2019
Data driven modeling and optimization of energy systems engineering; mechanical engineering; energy conservation Jun 2019
Deep Recurrent Adversarial Learning for Privacy-Preserving Smart Meter Data Release Jun 2019
Distributed Energy Resource (DER) Analytics Jun 2019
Economic Dispatch of Consumer Loads Using Machine Learning in Smart Grid Environment Nov 2021
Load Learning and Topology Optimization for Power Networks Nov 2021
Review and Perspectives on Data Sharing and Privacy in Expanding Electricity Access
Decomposing Residential Monthly Electric Utility Bill Into HVAC Energy Use Using Machine Learning HVAC; machine learning; building physics; polynomial regression model; degree hours; monthly utility bill Nov 2021
Dilated Residual Attention Network for Load Disaggregation load disaggregation; dilated convolution; residual learning; attention mechanism Aug 2019
Residential Aggregator Risk Constrained Profit Maximization Under Demand Response Program Nov 2021
Household Energy Prediction: Methods and Applications for Smarter Grid Design predictive models; data models, machine learning; computational modeling; security; market research; computer architecture Jun 2019
Implications of Residential Battery Charge and Discharge Rates on Self-consumption and Peak Power Exchange batteries; electric discharges; buildings; generators; power markets; data aggregation; pv systems; pv Jun 2019
Leveraging Socioeconomic Information and Deep Learning for Residential Load Pattern Prediction Jul 2019
Phasor-Based Adaptive Control of a Test-Feeder Distribution Network: Application of Retrospective Cost Adaptive Control to the IEEE 13-Node Test Feeder adaptation models; load modeling; numerical models; mathematical model; adaptive control; MIMO communication; phasor measurement units Jul 2019
Residential loads flexibility potential for demand response using energy consumption patterns and user segments demand response; smart appliances; connected homes; flexibility; residential buildings; grid-interactive efficient buildings Nov 2019
Sizing of Electrical and Thermal Storage Systems in the Nearly Zero Energy Building Environment - A Comparative Assessment battery storage plants; building integrated PV; PV; building integrated photovoltaics; building management systems; energy consumption; heat pumps; investment; power generation economics; thermal energy storage Jul 2019
Systematic Study of Data Requirements and AMI Capabilities for Smart Meter Analytics Aug 2019
The role of electric vehicles in a decarbonized economy: Supporting a reliable, affordable and efficient electric system transportation; electric vehicles; electric vehicle charging; ev; grid management; decarbonization Jul 2019
A Data-driven Approach for Targeting Residential Customers for Energy Efficiency Programs energy consumption; buildings; smart meters; home appliances; temperature distribution; image edge detection; energy conservation Aug 2019
A VSM-Based DER Dispatch MINLP for Volt-VAR Control in Unbalanced Power Distribution Systems Nov 2021
Automated Detection of Electric Vehicles in Hourly Smart Meter Data Jun 2019
Cross-subsidies Among Residential Prosumers from Tariff Design and Metering Infrastructure electricity tariffs; smart meters; distributed generation; cross-subsidies Aug 2019
Data-driven identification of consumers with deferrable loads for demand response programs demand response; deferrable loads; flexibility; time-series analysis Aug 2019
Fair load shedding solutions for developing countries Jun 2019
K-means Based Clustering Analysis of Household Energy Consumption Dec 2018
Minimizing Cost Sharing Among Residential Electric Customers with Solar and Storage
Non-intrusive Load Monitoring via Multi-label Sparse Representation based Classification NILM; energy disaggregation; multi-label classification Aug 2019
Short-Term Probabilistic Load Forecasting at Low Aggregation Levels Using Convolutional Neural Networks load modeling; predictive models; benchmark testing; forecasting; load forecasting; probabilistic logic; uncertainty Jun 2019
The Effects of Residential Battery Storage on Grid Impact Indicators batteries; optimization; buildings; databases; generators; mathematical model; benchmark testing Jun 2019
Training-Free Non-Intrusive Load Extracting of Residential Electric Vehicle Charging Loads electric vehicle charging; signal processing algorithms; home appliances; filtering; clustering algorithms; interference; fitting Aug 2019
Adjusted Feature-Aware k-Nearest Neighbors: Utilizing Local Permutation-Based Error for Short-Term Residential Building Load Forecasting measurement; load modeling; predictive models; buildings; forecasting; load forecasting; weather forecasting Oct 2018
Appliance Identification Through Nonintrusive Load Monitoring in Residences Sep 2019
Comparing consumer perceptions of appliances’ electricity use to appliances’ actual direct-metered consumption Oct 2019
Enhancing the Spatio-Temporal Observability of Residential Loads Oct 2019
Estimation of Behind-the-Meter Solar Generation by Integrating Physical with Statistical Models Nov 2021
Real-time Stochastic Optimization of Energy Storage Management using Rolling Horizon Forecasts for Residential PV Applications Oct 2019
A Data-Driven Approach for Providing Frequency Regulation with Aggregated Residential HVAC Units Oct 2019
A Demand Response Scheme in Smart Grid with Clustering of Residential Customers energy consumption; home appliances; smart grids; companies; peak to average power ratio; conferences Nov 2019
A Framework for Integrating Intelligent Mobile Energy Storage into Energy Distribution Systems energy storage; electric vehicles; energy distribution; smart grids Nov 2019
A scheduling optimization model of electric water heaters for electricity cost minimization with limited information electricity markets; smart grid; flexibility; optimization Jul 2019
An Algorithmic View on Optimal Storage Sizing
Artificial Neural Network-Based Adaptive Voltage Regulation in Distribution Systems using Data-Driven Stochastic Optimization voltage control; inverters; reactive power; load modeling; uncertainty; optimization; neural networks Nov 2019
Behind-the-Meter Energy Storage: Economic Assessment and System Impacts in Georgia Oct 2019
Can the Power of Platforms be Harnessed for Governance? Nov 2019
Centralized flexibility services for distribution system operators through distributed flexible resources Oct 2019
Chapter 4.4 - A brief history of behaviour in US energy programs: Landscape, integration, and future opportunities behaviour change; energy and behavior; energy efficiency; ENERGY STAR; government; influence; low income; market actors; market transformation; program administrators Nov 2021
Coordination for Prosumers' Electricity Trading Agents via Distributed Optimization couplings; optimization; power markets; electrical engineering; indexes; distributed algorithms Sep 2019
Deep Directed Information-Based Learning for Privacy-Preserving Smart Meter Data Release data privacy; training; distortion; privacy; smart grids; power measurement Nov 2019
Optimal Energy Supply Scheduling for a Single Household: Integrating Machine Learning for Power Forecasting Nov 2019
Semantic search in household energy consumption segmentation through descriptive characterization smart grid; data mining; hardware; clustering; smart grid; probability and statistics Nov 2019
Smart Households' Available Aggregated Capacity Day-ahead Forecast Model for Load Aggregators under Incentive-based Demand Response Program predictive models; home appliances; load modeling; forecasting; load management; estimation; feature extraction Nov 2019
The case for Bi-directional charging of electric vehicles in low voltage distribution networks EV; losses; low-voltage networks; vehicle-to-grid Nov 2019
Vulnerability Analysis for Data Driven Pricing Schemes electricity market; adversarial machine learning; sensitivity analysis Nov 2019
A deep neural network approach for behind-the-meter residential PV size, tilt and azimuth estimation PV size; tilt; PV parameter estimation; solar; smart meters; smart grid; machine learning; deep neural networks Jan 2020
A hybrid model for building energy consumption forecasting using long short term memory networks buildings; energy consumption; forecasting models; artificial intelligence; neural networks; optimization Mar 2020
Data-driven Identification of Occupant Thermostat-Behavior Dynamics
Inferring Smart Schedules for Dumb Thermostats energy metering; energy distribution; power and energy; hardware; artificial intelligence; computing methodologies; consumer products; operations research Oct 2018
Deep Transform Learning Dec 2019
Robust Data-driven Profile-based Pricing Schemes computational engineering; finance; science
Simulating a residential building stock to support regional efficiency policy residential; buildings; energy; simulation; efficiency; policy
Flexible Machine Learning-Based Cyberattack Detection Using Spatiotemporal Patterns for Distribution Systems cyberattack detection; distribution systems; graph laplacian; machine learning; spatiotemporal patterns
Effective solar prosumer identification using net smart meter data Jun 2020
Data Analytics-Based Demand Profiling and Advanced Demand Side Management for Flexible Operation of Sustainable Power Networks - Advanced Demand Profiling Jan 2020
A systematic analysis of meteorological variables for PV output power estimation PV; solar power estimation; meteorological variables; machine learning; regression methods Jun 2020
A Novel Application of Smart Grid Data: Human Circadian Rhythm Detection smart grids; big data application; electricity consumption; circadian rhythm; public health Nov 2019
A Deep Generative Model for Non-intrusive Identification of EV Charging Profiles electric vehicles charging; energy disaggregation; load modeling; deep learning; statistical inference May 2020
Anomaly Detection for Primary Distribution System Measurements using Principal Component Analysis anomaly detection; distribution system; primary voltage measurements; princippal component analysis Mar 2020
As one falls, another rises? Residential peak load reduction through electricity rate structures optimization; load shifting; demand response; electricity pricing; residential; appliances Sep 2020
Benchmarks for Grid Flexibility Prediction: Enabling Progress and Machine Learning Applications machine learning Apr 2020
Descriptive statistical approach for the assessment of the output of a virtual power plant in a secondary distribution network distributed power generation; distribution networks; load forecasting; neural nets; pattern clustering; power engineering computing; power plants; smart power grids; statistical analysis May 2020
Electricity as a Service: Cost Causation-based Utility Rate Model in the Future Distribution Grid May 2020
Energy Disaggregation with Semi-supervised Sparse Coding May 2020
Energy storage and multi energy systems in renewable energy communities with high renewable energy penetration polygeneration; power-to-gas; battery energy storage; thermal energy storage; battery storage; thermal storage; P2G; hydrogen; renewable energy communities Jun 2020
Forecasting Electricity Consumption in Residential Buildings for Home Energy Management Systems home consumption forecasting; HVAC consumption forecasting; prediction methods; neural networks; multi-objective optimization; home energy management systems; ensemble modelling Nov 2021
Identifying Errors in Service Transformer Connections Aug 2020
Impacts of PV Capacity Allocation Methods on Distribution Planning Studies distribution planning; hosting capacity; photovoltaics; PV; PV capacity allocation; zonal allocation
Moving horizon-based optimal scheduling of EV charging: A power system-cognizant approach Mar 2020
Multi-Label Consistent Convolutional Transform Learning: Application to Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring convolutive dictionary, transform learning; multi-label classification; proximal alternating method; NILM; energy disaggregation May 2020
Optimization Strategy Based on Deep Reinforcement Learning for Home Energy Management home energy management system; deep reinforcement learning; smart grid; demand response
Predicting Household Energy Consumption in Smart Grid Based on Seasonality Using Stochastic Markov Chain
Prediction of Energy Demand in Smart Grid using Hybrid Approach artificial neural network; SARIMA, LSTM; demand response; energy prediction, smart grid Mar 2020
RepEL: A Utility-preserving Privacy System for IoT-based Energy Meters
Reputation-Based Fair Power Allocation to Plug-in Electric Vehicles in the Smart Grid
Short-term Meter Level Load Forecasting of Residential Customers Based on Smart Meter's Data forecasting; machine learning; metered demand; computational efficiency Feb 2020
Review of Smart Meter Data Analytics: Applications, Methodologies, and Challenges Feb 2018
Secondary Network Parameter Estimation for Distribution Transformers Feb 2020
Short-Term Load Forecasting Using Modified Sequence-to-Sequence Deep Learning Framework Mar 2020
Sustainability or continuous damage: A behavior study of prosumers’ electricity consumption after installing household distributed energy resources behavior study; distributed energy resources; prosumeres; electricity consumption Aug 2020
The good, the bad, and the ugly: Data-driven load profile discord identification in a large building portfolio smart meter; portfolio analysis; load profile; data mining, discord detection May 2020
Thinking critically about smart city experimentation urban living lab; smart grid; governmentality; experimentation; entrepreneurialism Nov 2021
Towards a Unified Standards for Smart Infrastructure Datasets Nov 2021
Unsupervised learning of energy signatures to identify the heating system and building type using smart meter data smart meter data; energy signatures; unsupervised learning; dynamic time warping; clustering; data mining, machine learning Apr 2020
A Hierarchical Multi-Resolution Agent Based Modeling and Simulation Framework for Household Electricity Demand Profile
A Machine Learning Framework to Infer Time-of-Use of Flexible Loads: Resident Behavior Learning for Demand Response buildings; shape; training; smart meters; data models; electric breakdown
A Novel Real-Time Energy Management Strategy for Gird-Friendly Microgrid: Harnessing Internal Fluctuation Internally
CAMS-TEMPO: global and European emission temporal profile maps for atmospheric chemistry modelling
Changes in Electricity Load Profiles Under COVID-19: Implications of “The New Normal” for Electricity Demand COVID-19; diurnal cycle; electricity load profile
Cross-subsidies among Residential Electricity Prosumers from Tariff Design and Metering Infrastructure electricity metering; renewable energy; tariff design; cross-subsidies
CU-BEMS, smart building electricity consumption and indoor environmental sensor datasets
Data-driven Planning for Renewable Distributed Generation in Distribution Systems planning; uncertainty; optimization; renewable energy sources; reactive power; random variables; distributed power generation
Deep Analytics for Management and Cybersecurity of the National Energy Grid big data platform; deep analytics; cybersercurity; usage patterns; anomaly detection; lexical link analysis; causal learning
Deep Learning for Reactive Power Control of Smart Inverters under Communication Constraints optimization; control; optimization and control
Distributed Deep Reinforcement Learning for Intelligent Load Scheduling in Residential Smart Grids optimization; control; optimization and control; machine learning
Efficient Power Sharing at the Edge by Building a Tangible Micro-Grid – the Texas Case
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Evaluation of Compressed Residential Energy Forecasting Models
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