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Unlike any other organization, Pecan Street is focused on advancing original research and accelerating climate and conservation solutions.


One of a Kind.

Pecan Street conducts groundbreaking data research and product testing in the energy, water and transportation sectors.

Our network of volunteer research participants across the nation is the first of its kind on the planet.

Our commercialization lab is an affordable, world-class proving ground for major corporations and startups alike.

And our database, the largest source of disaggregated customer energy and water data on the planet, is used by university researchers, entrepreneurs, and advocacy groups around the world.

In the Field

Launched in 2009, Pecan Street’s research network is the only real-world electricity-gas-water test bed on the planet. It includes 1,115 active homes and businesses, 250 solar homes and 65 electric vehicle owners. Each home’s energy generation and use is measured at intervals ranging from one second to one minute — 24/7/365, and can be analyzed down to the circuit level. This high-resolution data provides insight into how energy is used, generated, and stored.

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Homes & Businesses


Solar Homes


Electric Vehicles

In the Lab

Pecan Street’s testing and verification lab supports any size company with energy- or water-related products for the residential and small commercial markets.

Led by engineers and filled with sophisticated testing equipment, Pecan Street’s lab offers specialized capabilities for developing, testing and validating consumer electronics and applications that incorporate metrology, building controls, solar PV, natural gas fuel cell, machine-to-machine, vehicle charging and disaggregation technologies.

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In the Cloud

Born from our groundbreaking research, our energy and water database grows by 2.5 billion records a day and is used — in real time — by more than 2,000 university-sponsored researchers from 60 countries. Our database of high-resolution electricity measurements from hundreds of homes spanning the past five years is unparalleled by any other data source.

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2.5 Billion

records daily