CNN Features Pecan Street in Story About “The New Normal” for the Energy Sector During COVID-19

Pecan Street’s Chief Technology Officer, Scott Hinson, was interviewed for CNN’s The Global Energy Challenge, which explores the future of the global energy sector and focuses on the challenges of addressing the growing demand for energy while also reducing emissions. This story focused on our “new normal” during the COVID pandemic and how it is changing energy trends globally. Scott discussed Pecan Street’s recent analysis of residential energy use during shelter-in-place. The analysis looks at circuit level data from over one hundred homes in our Austin testbed. You can read our original blogpost about the analysis here.

Watch The Global Energy Challenge here (Pecan Street is featured at minute 15:50) 


About the author: Clayton Johnson

Clayton Johnson

Clayton Johnson is communication manager at Pecan Street Inc. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Pecan Street conducts groundbreaking data research, product testing and policy analysis that accelerate the development and deployment of innovative climate and conservation solutions.

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