Austin Energy Named First in the Nation for Municipal Solar Capacity

Congratulations to Austin Energy for being named first in the nation for per capita municipal solar capacity!

On Wednesday, Environment Texas released their Shining Cities 2020 report that names the top U.S. cities for solar energy. The report examined seventy U.S. cities and found that “Austin Energy, the municipal utility serving Austin and nearby towns, is setting the pace by supplying more than 1,500 watts per person of solar energy to its customers and has a goal to meet 65 percent of customers’ energy needs with renewable resources by 2027.”

In recent years, Austin Energy has been working hard to meet this goal, and currently has a total of over 750 megawatts of installed solar capacity. While Austin may be leading the pack, we’re not alone. In the top five spots, Austin was followed by Los Angeles, Riverside, San Antonio, and Sacramento.

Thank you to Environment Texas for this report and congratulations to all the leading cities on their achievements. We look forward to seeing your continued leadership on clean energy in the coming years.

You can find Environment Texas’ Shining Cities 2020 report here.