By Rachel Jenkins, director of operations, Pecan Street

When we first started our research nearly 10 years ago, one of the first things we wanted to brag about was the community of volunteers that signed up to be part of our research network.

We took photosmade videos and wrote several stories about the residents that are at the heart of our research. A few of our participants, like Dennis Mick, ended up on more websites than we can count as the prototypical Pecan Street research participant (Thanks, Dennis!).

But time passes….and those stories and pictures start to get a little old. Thanks to our friends at Environmental Defense Fund, we spent some time last week shooting new photos of two research families and flying a drone to get some cool footage of all the solar panels around the Mueller neighborhood.

As you might recall, EDF is a long-time partner of ours. And the communication folks on their clean energy team is just as interested in our research as we are! (If you didn’t see the cool video EDF did on Pecan Street a couple years ago….you missed some great work!)

A special thanks to Randy Ramirez and Daniel Colimon and his family for welcoming us into their homes, and to EDF and their photographer for sharing the photos and video with us.

Two samples are included here – a snapshot I took while Daniel Colimon reviewed his home’s energy use and generation with his son (below), and a rough cut of some of the drone footage (above). Look at all those solar panels!

Pecan Street research participant Daniel Colimon reviews his home’s energy use and generation on an iPad during a photo shoot with EDF.

You’ll see more polished photos and footage in future posts. Stay tuned.