November 7, 2016


Home Is Where the Smart Is: First-of-its-Kind Study Reveals Importance of Smart Technology and Low-Water Clean Energy

November 1, 2016 by Kate Zerrenner, EDF, and Dustin McCartney, Senior Data Analyst, Pecan Street Originally published on EDF’s Texas Clean Air Matters blog. Have you ever thought about how much water your dryer needs to dry your clothes? (And no, I don’t mean your washing machine.) Every appliance in your home has a water intensity, or the amount […]

October 2, 2016


Forbes: Hawaii Sitting On The Lid Of A Solar Explosion

Hawaii’s tremulous effort to embrace solar energy—but not too fast—may be holding at bay an explosion of rooftop solar in the island state, according to experts in data and adoption behavior.

September 19, 2016


Pecan Street releases residential electric disaggregation training kit

Pecan Street has developed a residential electric use disaggregation algorithm training kit, previously available only to members of its university consortium and clients of its algorithm evaluation service, that is now publicly available. This unique kit includes a 15-minute whole home dataset and 1-minute interval circuit-level dataset for packages of 10 to 100 homes in Austin […]

March 8, 2016


Insights from Pecan Street’s residential water use research

For the past year, Pecan Street has been working with volunteer participants to carry out data-intensive research on how households use water and to better understand the water demands of day-to-day activities. You can download a PDF of a recent presentation of initial findings.

January 22, 2016


Atlantic CityLab: Microgrids Might Be Ready for the Big City

They also took data from a Pecan Street research project, a dataset of homes generating their own solar power. By merging these two samples, the scientists modeled what the city would look like with different levels of rooftop solar production.

January 17, 2016


IoT and Big Data: The Dichotomy between Too Much and Too Little

McCracken and his team built Dataport, the world’s largest source of disaggregated customer energy data for university researchers around the world. “We’ve taken a consumer-grade data measurement tool for solar panels, and are using it to operate the world’s largest research database on customer energy use,” he says.