Pecan Street and many of our partners, including The University of Texas at Austin, created an exciting new collaboration last year called the University Municipal Water Consortium. It has now grown to include more than 25 Texas state, regional and local water providers and university researchers from Texas A&M, UT-Austin and UT-San Antonio.

The last few weeks have been busy.

We released an app called Pecan Street Blue on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, which will bring to residential water use what our research has brought to residential energy use: detail, insight and understanding.

We have been conducting water use research throughout the 1,200 volunteer members of our research network. But this year, we will be significantly expanding the capability and detail of our water research in Texas. You can read more here, but come back often to learn about new developments.

And today we released a Request for Proposals targeted to companies that can provide the hardware research solutions we will install in these homes across Texas. You can read the press release here, or download the full RFI or the RFI Executive Summary. Responses are due May 21, 2015.