The Energy Gang looks at compelling findings about energy consumption, solar siting and electric vehicle use.

Steven Lacey, August 7, 2014

This Data on How Consumers Use Energy May Surprise You

Are your solar panels facing the wrong way? Is your utility focusing on the wrong types of energy efficiency?

These are the questions that Pecan Street Inc. has attempted to answer through its data collection from smart grid projects. The findings may surprise you.

In this week’s podcast, we’ll talk with Brewster McCracken, the CEO of Pecan Street Inc., about the organization’s analysis of consumer energy use, utility efficiency programs and electric vehicle charging.

Later in the show, we’ll discuss Arizona Public Service’s new plan to own rooftop solar, and look at the resurgence of property-assessed clean energy programs.

This podcast is sponsored by eGauge Systems, a manufacturer of next-generation energy meters for solar generation and building demand, submetering, performance contracts, LEED projects and net-zero buildings.

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Originally posted at Green Tech Media.