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Is This the World’s Most Innovative Neighborhood?

So what’s the point of Pecan Street? The anonymized data is collated by Pecan Street using what it calls, “the world’s preeminent research network of energy and water customers.” This is then analyzed by academics all over the world, giving them a detailed insight into trends in energy usage and how new, innovative technology affects existing infrastructure.


Startup Goes Public With Its Energy Disaggregation Results

Pecan Street’s Haskell noted that large-scale industrial and commercial power users have been using energy data for diagnostic and analysis uses for years. “The kind of work we’re doing is really focused at lowering the hurdle for people to utilize this capability to the point where a mobile app can use this data to save you money in your house, without you having to do much of anything,” he said.


Mueller: Community of the Future

As a solution, Lt. Gen. Eickmann pinpointed Austin’s own Pecan Street Inc., which manages the nation’s largest residential energy research network, calling it the “community of the future.” Eickmann cited Pecan Street’s lessons in microgrid functionality and highlighted how, just like Pecan Street’s home base Mueller neighborhood, a military base is a community.