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University Municipal Water Consortium Bi-Annual Conference Agenda

  Agenda University Municipal Water Consortium Bi-Annual Conference   Sponsored by The Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation   October 14, 2015 4:00 – 6 pm Pecan Street’s Technology Showcase Pike Powers Lab and Center for Commercialization 3924 Berkman Dr Austin, TX 78723 October 15, 2015 UMWC Conference at University of Texas at Austin The University of…


Could smart water meters one day be the norm in Austin?

With the “BluCube” developed by Pecan Street, there’s no need to change out the whole meter. Instead, a new register, with a plug for a transmitter that would send signals to the cube in the customer’s home, is placed on top of the existing meter body. And Pecan Street is working on an even simpler solution: a ring that could fit around any register and links up to a transmitter.