In October 2017, Pecan Street Inc. was awarded $1M from DOE’s Vehicle Technology Program to implement the Electric Last Mile (ELM) Project. Pecan Street and Capital Metro, along with Electric Cab of North America, Austin Transportation Department, and Austin Energy have established low-speed electric shuttle circulators in two Austin neighborhoods, with an additional route to launch in May to connect residents with major transit stops, retail, medical facilities, and more.

The ELM Project tackles two major barriers to reducing transportation emissions:

  1. Access to public transportation
  2. Vehicle electrification

Our goal is to double the use of public transportation in each of the three pilot neighborhoods using an all-electric, zero emissions, private fleet of low-speed vehicles.

The project will also experiment with various autonomous vehicle technologies to further improve access to public transportation in residential and mixed-use neighborhoods, and we will make the insights and lessons learned available to other communities facing similar challenges to consumer adoption of mass transit.

This project will achieve:

  1. Reduction in neighborhood traffic congestion and improved safety
  2. Increase in general neighborhood mobility
  3. Proof that public transit programs can maximize mobility, energy efficiency, and ROI through public-private partnerships and integration of innovative transit technologies.

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You can currently take the eShuttle in 3 Austin neighborhoods:



Dispatch: Call/text 737-808-2619

Monday – Friday
7am – 12pm and 3:15pm – 7:15pm



Dispatch: Call/text 737-808-2738

Monday – Friday
7am – 12pm



Dispatch: 956-752-8454

Monday – Friday
8am – 8pm

10am – 3pm