Soils: An Untapped Solution to Climate Change


You can watch the webinar recording on our YouTube channel here.

Thank you to everyone who joined for this conversation with experts from the soil sciences and regenerative agriculture about the potential of soil carbon sequestration. The discussion included how soil carbon sequestration through regenerative farming practices can increase food production, raise farmer profitability, and drawdown atmospheric carbon. The panel also discussed the barriers to widespread adoption of regenerative farming and what Pecan Street and others are doing to overcome these barriers.

About the Speakers:

  • LaKisha Odom, Scientific Director, Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research
  • Johannes Lehmann, Professor, Soil & Crop Sciences, Cornell University
  • Philip Taylor, Founder, MadAg
  • Stefan Jirka, Innovation Manager for Agriculture, Verra
  • Moderated by: Suzanne Russo, Pecan Street CEO