Pecan Street Pricing Research

March 19, 2014

Learning How (and When) Customers Will Shift Energy Use There are times when electricity providers struggle to provide all the electricity their customers need. In Texas, these “peak” periods usually occur on hot summer afternoons. There are other times — usually at night in Texas — when the electric grid has excess clean wind energy […] Read More »

Pecan Street Help: Rebooting your monitoring equipment

February 14, 2014

If you have noticed that your research equipment is not transmitting data or you received notice from a Pecan Street staff member about your system being “off-line,” you may need to manually reboot your system. This is a simple process and may prevent the need for an in-person service call. The process is similar to […] Read More »

Austin is front line for testing electric car use

November 3, 2012

Residents in an Austin neighborhood are part of a first-of-its-kind research program that’s studying how electric cars affect the power grid. Drive through the neatly-paved streets of the Mueller neighborhood and you’re likely to see more than just a few electric cars, mainly Chevy Volts. In fact, General Motors says the neighborhood now has the highest concentration of electric cars in the entire country. Read More »

Electric Car Owners All Plug In at Once

Scientific American August 21, 2012

Pecan Street, which is developing and testing technologies and business models for smart grids and advanced energy management systems, is outfitting the grid in Mueller with more analysis equipment. It is now taking a variety of usage data on 35 homes and will be studying many more there in the future. It will also work with other sustainable neighborhood projects to brainstorm creative solutions. Read More »

Why Sony, Whirlpool, Chevy Volt, and OnStar are Parking on Pecan Street Inc.

AutoMotive.com July 24, 2012

How would you like your electricity usage monitored? The residents on Pecan Street, located in the Mueller community of Austin, Texas, are soon going to find out. For the next five years, their electricity usage will be monitored by researchers from the University of Texas, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, and the Environmental Defense Fund as well as private companies such as General Motors. Read More »

Texas is pushing ahead with ambitious wind and solar renewable energy projects

BBC December 27, 2011

By John Moylan Business correspondent, BBC News, Texas Welcome to Texas, the lone star state. People here use more energy than anywhere else in the United States. In fact, since oil started flowing here more than a century ago, energy has been at the very heart of the state’s economy. And oil remains key to […] Read More »