New Tech City Podcast – Pecan Street Feature

New Tech City - NYC NPR May 21, 2014 ,,,,,,,,

There's a neighborhood in Austin, Texas where the refrigerators tell stories. The roofs are paved in solar panels. There are more electric cars per capita here in the Mueller community than in any residential neighborhood in America. It's a kind of paradise and it could drive you nuts. Read More »

Will You or the Grid Control Your Electric Car?

Scientific American June 18, 2013 ,,,,

The Pecan Street demonstration project—part of the newly built 280-hectare neighborhood known as Mueller—has become the largest concentrated community of electric vehicle (EV) owners in the world. Read More »

Could Your Smartphone Lower Your Electricity Bill?

National Journal April 3, 2013 ,,,,

In the summer of 2011, Texas experienced a heat wave that had electricity providers sweating. So many homes were cranking the air conditioning that utility companies feared the electric grid couldn’t handle the strain. One Austin neighborhood stood out. During triple-digit afternoons, homes in the area with south-facing solar panels drew half the energy they needed from their own rooftops. Read More »

Profile – CEO Brewster McCracken

Austin Monthly April 1, 2013 ,,

In eighth grade, my science teacher, Mr. Mike Matlock, taught us about solar energy. This man changed my life. He introduced me to something that I would find fascinating. Later, I used lawn-mowing money to buy solar cells with a motor kit. It was fascinating to take this outside, put it in the sun and watch the motor roar to life. From that point on, I thought, There should be some way to harness all that. Read More »

Austin Studies Power Grid, Including Plug-In Cars

New York Times September 30, 2011 ,,

“Texas is really leading the nation with respect to promoting a well-balanced approach to smart-grid,” said Jerry Jackson, a former Texas A&M professor who now leads a national smart-grid research consortium based in Orlando, Fla. Read More »

Pecan Street Project, NREL and UT begin design of Home Research Lab

Press Release • April 26, 2011

Pecan Street Project has acquired a site and will soon begin construction of a smart grid interoperability research facility. Researchers from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) will lead the programming and technical specification development for the facility, which will be located in Austin’s Mueller community. Read More »

Pecan Street Project Goes Live with First Phase of Smart Grid Deployment

Press Release • February 1, 2011

Pecan Street Project Inc. has completed systems installation and has gone live with the first phase of its smart grid demonstration project in Austin’s Mueller community. Read More »

Austin Energy sets the curve

Austin Chronicle July 23, 2010 ,,,

With many holding their breath to see how those efforts – embodied most publicly in the Pecan Street Project – will contribute to defining the utility of the future, the fear is that a newcomer will spend so much time catching up that AE will lose its edge. Read More »

The Great Green Grid

E Magazine July 1, 2010 ,,,

In Austin, Texas, the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) went a step farther with its Pecan Street Project. Calling it “a unique community-wide collaboration” involving a local utility, universities, nonprofits, a chamber of commerce and local government, EDF National Energy Program Director Jim Marston says participants set out to “reinvent the current energy delivery system.” Read More »

Renewable Energy and the Utility: The Next 20 Years

Press Release • May 24, 2010

That truth is what drove Austin Energy to get involved in the Pecan Street Project, in which a group of more than 200 volunteers including representatives from Austin Energy, the City Council of Austin, the University of Texas, private corporations and the Environmental Defense Fund teamed up to develop a set of recommendations that will help usher in transformative change to the way energy is generated, managed and delivered in the city. Read More »