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Mueller: Community of the Future

As a solution, Lt. Gen. Eickmann pinpointed Austin’s own Pecan Street Inc., which manages the nation’s largest residential energy research network, calling it the “community of the future.” Eickmann cited Pecan Street’s lessons in microgrid functionality and highlighted how, just like Pecan Street’s home base Mueller neighborhood, a military base is a community.


How Do You Know Your Solar Panels Are Working Correctly? You Probably Don’t

A new study from Pecan Street has found that most solar PV systems only experience minor issues and that solar PV is largely maintenance-free. But the minor issues can often impede power production for days, weeks or even longer. In most cases, the homeowners had no idea there was a problem. “It’s a minor issue. But by not detecting it, it becomes an issue where you’re losing value on your solar panel even though it’s a $5 issue to fix,” said McCracken, CEO of Pecan Street.


Hinson in ei magazine: Residential Power Quality

As utilities across the country experience an increase in densities of grid-tied solar photovoltaic (PV) installation and electric vehicles (EVs), as well as shifting consumption profiles, an important question emerges: What is the impact of the modern home on overall grid control and stability? Pecan Street has an answer.