How California is incentivizing solar to beat the peak

Utility Drive October 13, 2014 ,,,

South-facing systems produce more solar, but west-facing panels may produce more valuable solar to the grid. By Herman K. Trabish | October 13, 2014 The California Energy Commission wants to turn rooftop solar in a whole new direction.Discovering where and when west-facing rooftop solar has a value proposition as good or better than traditional south-facing rooftop systems could […] Read More »

Oak Park, IL: Smart grid project moves closer toward implementation

September 18, 2014 ,,

Press Release: Issued by Village of Oak Park, IL on September 18, 2014 (Oak Park, IL – September 18, 2014) — A project to demonstrate the potential cost savings of electric smart grid technologies in Oak Park took a step closer to implementation Monday, as the Village Board confirmed its commitment to environmental sustainability by […] Read More »

GreenTech Podcast: This Data on How Consumers Use Energy May Surprise You

GreenTech Media August 7, 2014 ,,

In this week’s podcast, we’ll talk with Brewster McCracken, the CEO of Pecan Street Inc., about the organization’s analysis of consumer energy use, utility efficiency programs and electric vehicle charging. Read More »

Smart Grid Project Saves Money and Energy in Texas

Energy.gov July 3, 2014

Using smart grid technologies, the project provides 1,000 residences, 25 small commercial properties and three public schools energy data in real-time. Customers can now set and track utility bill budgets, use software to manage the electricity use of individual appliances, and even sell energy back to the grid when they are using less than they produce. By integrating smart meters, solar panels, electric vehicles and energy storage capabilities, the project is already seeing the benefits of smart grid integration and providing customers with control over their electric usage. Read More »

Time Magazine: Is this America’s smartest city?

Time Magazine • June 26, 2014

The Pecan Street devices are even smarter than smart meters, recording data from different appliances essentially in real time. At any given moment, the Pecan Street engineers–who work in partnership with the University of Texas and local utility Austin Energy–know exactly how much electricity their subjects are using and how that use changes in response to the time of day, weather patterns, even fluctuations in power price. “It’s by far the most aggressive [data-collection] project that I know of,” said Ernest Moniz, U.S. Energy Secretary, during a visit to Pecan Street in February. Read More »

Crumbling U.S. Grid Gets Jolt

Bloomberg News June 25, 2014

Some consumers are raving about the benefits of the smart grid, too. For Austin, Texas, resident Luke Downs, a participant in the Pecan Street project, access to the smart grid has changed his energy life. “Suddenly, I could see what I was doing,” he said. Downs, 44, lives in a 3-bedroom row house in what’s known as the Mueller neighborhood, a planned urban redevelopment on the grounds of Austin’s former municipal airport. Read More »

Researchers win fellowship awards at WikiEnergy Data Conference

June 9, 2014

Three researchers received energy research fellowship awards from Pecan Street Inc. at last week’s International WikiEnergy Data Conference at the University of Texas. All entries were reviewed by a panel of Pecan Street’s research advisory board, and researchers used Pecan Street’s unique energy dataset to address critical industry questions. The winners were: First place ($10,000): […] Read More »

New Tech City Podcast – Pecan Street Feature

New Tech City - NYC NPR May 21, 2014 ,,,,,,,,

There's a neighborhood in Austin, Texas where the refrigerators tell stories. The roofs are paved in solar panels. There are more electric cars per capita here in the Mueller community than in any residential neighborhood in America. It's a kind of paradise and it could drive you nuts. Read More »

AC accounts for 2/3 of home summer electric use; over 80% of discretionary electric use in Texas research trial

May 7, 2014 ,,,,

Homeowners and utilities in areas with hot summers already knew air conditioning was the dominant electric use between June and August. The latest quarterly research report from the research site WikiEnergy puts a number on just how much of that home electric use comes from air conditioning. Read More »

International WikiEnergy Data Conference – June 3-4, 2014

April 11, 2014

  Join the WikiEnergy member researchers on June 3-4, 2014 at The University of Texas at Austin for the International WikiEnergy Data Conference. Co-hosted by Carnegie Mellon University and Pecan Street Research Institute, the WikiEnergy Data Conference will take place in conjunction with and immediately following the second International Workshop on Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring (NILM, […] Read More »