The Best Minds, Working Together on Our Greatest Challenges

Pecan Street’s clients, members and partners at corporations, universities and NGOs around the world not only help shape our research, but also have instant access to our data and insights, allowing anyone, anywhere on the planet, to benefit from and contribute to our work.

Companies and organizations can work with Pecan Street in several ways.


Industry Advisory Council

IAC members receive full access to Dataport, receive discounts on testing and professional services performed by Pecan Street, and help direct and support the research of the universities we support.


University Municipal Water Consortium

Pecan Street’s water consortium of utilities, universities, communities and private companies is extending Pecan Street’s nationally-acclaimed real-world consumer research to address the water crisis in Texas and beyond. Through rigorous, data-driven research, Pecan Street and the university researchers it supports are verifying conservation efforts and system improvements in actual homes, businesses and municipal water systems, and they are helping utilities and communities identify the infrastructure improvements and programs that make the biggest impact for water security and conservation. For more information, see our consortium page.


OpenARMS Alliance

Operated by Pecan Street, the OpenARMS Alliance is a collaborative effort to remove barriers to the adoption of residential Distributed Energy Resources (DERs). OpenARMS (Open Architecture for Residential Microgrid Systems) describes a number of essential configurations (modes) for a residential energy system that benefit residential customers and grid operators alike. Members include technology companies, utilities, and other private or public entites that seek to understand the disruptive transition towards residential micro-grids (particularly solar + energy storage). For more information, email


Data Access

Pecan Street’s Dataport is an online, searchable tool that provides researchers with instant access to the world’s largest research database of customer energy and water data. Data access is provided to Industry Advisory Members and is free for university and NGO researchers conducting scientific and public interest research. Companies can purchase licenses to access data for a certain period of time or for curated data sets for specific uses.


Product Development Support

The product development specialists at Pecan Street’s lab support testing and demonstration of water, gas, electricity and communication technologies. Energy use and generation data from our field trials can be used to simulate home load profiles for hardware and software testing at the lab, and we can deploy products into our network of homes to get real-world — and real-customer — input on pre-market innovations.


Smart Community Projects

We help communities, utilities and private organizations design and manage local energy and water customer field trials. The role we play can range from a short-term consulting engagement to reduce planning time and overall projects costs, to developing a full deployment plan, to full management of the project, including recruiting participants, installing hardware, managing data and analyzing the results.


Disruption Preparedness

Changes in consumer technology adoptions are disrupting multiple industries around the world, and in many areas of the U.S., these disruptions are now extending to utilities and the communities they serve. Already, customers’ ability to install solar panels is having a real impact on utility business and service delivery models. The proliferation of appliances with switch mode electronics, including refrigerators, dishwashers, cable boxes and light bulbs, are upending long-held operational assumptions about load management. And that’s just the start. We provide utilities with unprecedented real-world data from their own customers so they can be prepared before disruptions impact their operations, too.


Fiscal Sponsorship

Pecan Street provides fiscal sponsorship to entities with a similar mission. Entities can leverage Pecan Street’s relevant expertise, access to relationships with industry leaders, innovative funding initiatives, as well as, fiduciary oversight, funds management, and administrative services.


For more information on the programs above or to inquire about other ways to engage with Pecan Street, please contact Fisayo Fadelu at