About Our Name

Back in 2008, we were trying to name an idea whose scope wouldn’t be defined for months. The first round of corporate-sounding candidates was ruled out because each name seemed to predict where the project would end up (PowerNet, FutureGrid, etc.). So the preliminary working group decided to pick an undeniably familiar but not-yet overused local Austin icon. Pecan Street emerged because of its Texas symbolism (it’s the state tree) and its link between Austin’s economic past and future.

Located in the heart of the city, Pecan Street and Congress Avenue were (and still are) the city’s primary downtown commercial arteries. Pecan Street was eventually renamed 6th Street, which is now synonymous with Austin’s self- proclaimed title of “Live Music Capital of the World.” After 150 years, Pecan Street remains at the core of the city’s identity. Because this project began as an economic development effort, it seemed appropriate to keep “Pecan Street” at the heart of what could drive the next phase of Austin’s economy.

And finally….what began as a “project” has now evolved into an independent research and development organization.  So in 2011, we dropped “Project” from our name:  We’re now Pecan Street Inc., and our several initiatives borrow the Pecan Street brand:  Pecan Street Demonstration, Pecan Street Consortium and Pecan Street Home Energy Research Study.