Pecan Street Seeks Data Analyst

Pecan Street Inc. seeks a Data Analyst to be part of its award-winning team innovating solutions for intelligent energy management and drought mitigation. The selected candidate will work with the nation’s largest research database on customer electricity use, water consumption, solar panel generation and electric vehicle charging, joining a talented team that has deep experience in consumer electronics and software development.

The selected candidate will work out of Pecan Street’s state-of-the-art, green-built Pike Powers Lab in Austin’s Mueller community and will be part of a passionate, dynamic team that work on a range of exciting programs in partnership with public and private entities.


About Pecan Street Inc.

Unlike any other organization, Pecan Street is focused on advancing university research and accelerating innovation in water and energy. We provide utilities, technology companies and university researchers access to the world’s best data on consumer energy and water consumption behavior, testing and verification of technology solutions, and commercialization services to help them bring their innovations to market faster. We help prepare technically-focused students for careers with industry, and we help them conduct research that will change the world.

The solution to our water and energy challenge will require a mixture of new technologies. But it will first require a detailed understanding of customers’ water and energy use behavior. Pecan Street’s research addresses technology and behavior and how the two interact. Our ambition is to provide the companies, researchers and organizations that will lead the way toward a more efficient, customer-driven energy and water system, with the research, analysis and insights they need to be successful.

With nearly 100 TB of high speed Dell computing systems and sophisticated National Instruments, Schneider and Intel product testing equipment, the Pike Powers Lab is an independent facility where companies of all sizes can develop, test and validate a wide range of products and services. The lab also houses Pecan Street’s secure data center, which powers Dataport – Pecan Street’s interactive web portal to access, visualize, analyze and discuss the organization’s unique data.

Primary Role

The Data Analyst plays an integral role in the Pecan Street team. Generally, the Data Analyst will contribute to the advancement of the interpretation and research related to data collected by Pecan Street. The Data Analyst reports to the Water and Data Director and is responsible for performing such duties as the Water and Data Director, COO and Chief Executive Officer assign. This position will work closely with the Database Architect to ensure project milestones are achieved on schedule and represent Pecan Street’s standards of quality.

Primary Responsibility

The Data Analyst will be responsible for research, analysis, and data management, including:

  • Provide data science and analytics to the development of targeted home improvement recommendations and cost/savings information based on large streams of residential energy data, home energy audit data and demographic data. Develop disaggregation algorithms for identification of loads. Develop load profile statistics and correlate to diagnostic conditions.
  • Provide support to Pecan Street’s Water and Data Director in the development of mobile apps and web apps that deliver targeted home improvement and energy saving recommendations that includes a savings-to-investment calculation to users
  • Assist in identifying marketable sets of data  from within Pecan Street’s data archive for offering to research and commercial partners
  • Coordinate with the Water and Data Director on the ETL processes necessary to successfully incorporate data into our database
  • Using SQL, query Pecan Street data sources to extract information for internal requests of data
  • Coordinate with the Database Architect in creating SQL views and transformations from key queries once identified
  • Coordinate with internal staff on data needs external to the organization, and assist with creating and running queries to fulfill external requests
  • Perform unassisted research towards the goals of the firm

Experience and skills

Pecan Street seeks a candidate with:

  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering, Building Science, Computer Science, or a relevant field
  • Proven track record of performing applied research and analysis
  • Understanding of building science and/or residential construction
  • Proficiency in SQL
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Excel

Ideal professional experience and personal attributes also include:

  • Master of Science Degree in a relevant field
  • Successful experience managing teams to achieve deliverables on time
  • Excellent inter-personal communication and organization skills
  • Experience with image processing


Compensation is commensurate with experience. Benefits are competitive and include:

  • health insurance requiring no contribution from the employee and affordable family plans, including dental, vision, short- and long-term disability
  • 401(k) retirement planning
  • 15 days of annual paid-time off plus 10 additional holidays
  • 3 months of fully paid maternity and paternity leave
  • This position includes the additional benefits of:
    • Opportunity for travel to meet with university researchers around the country to train them on Dataport
    • Flexible scheduling
    • Exposure to leading multinational companies, start-ups and internationally renowned researchers innovating in the energy and water space

Application Process

Applications will be accepted through April 28, 2017. To apply, please send an application package that includes the following to

  • A resume of no longer than two pages
  • A cover page describing your interest in, and qualifications for, the position