Monthly Archives: January 2013

A Clean Energy Future for the U.S.

The Weather Channel January 22, 2013

From the outside, the Mueller neighborhood looks like any other cluster of residences located in Austin, Texas. However, solar panels on roofs and “smart meters” within houses indicate that this neighborhood is creating a foundation for the future. Read More »

The Future Of Coworking And Why It Will Give Your Business A Huge Edge

Fast Company January 15, 2013

Scott Hinson, lab director at Pecan Street Inc.’s new Pike Powers Commercialization Lab, is going to be in the unique position of fostering collaboration in the space, while also helping the companies working there to stay focused and retain privacy. The $1.5 million lab, located in northeast Austin, will be officially opening in May to promote research, commercialization, and education tied to smart energy grids, advanced information technology, clean energy, and health care applications. As the nation’s first nonprofit smart-grid research lab, it’s going to give smaller businesses the ability to use equipment like a spectrum analyzer that would cost roughly an engineer’s annual salary, without the huge investment. Read More »

Pecan Street Demonstrates the Potential of Smart Grid Technology

ENC Magazine January 7, 2013

In order to further engage other companies, the Pecan Street is building a new custom commercialization lab within the Mueller community. The Pike Powers Lab will provide all companies, both newly-emerging and larger corporations, a place to test new products. The lab will offer state-of-the-art testing facilities to researchers, member companies, and technology start-ups. Read More »