Pecan Street CEO Brewster McCracken to Brief National Research Council on Early Findings of EV Research

Press Release • December 17, 2012

Washington, DC – At the request of the National Academies’ National Research Council, Pecan Street Inc. CEO Brewster McCracken will present to the council’s electric vehicle committee in Washington, DC on Tuesday, December 18, 2012. McCracken will present on early findings from Pecan Street’s electric vehicle research trial in Austin, TX.

With 67 vehicle owners participating in the research trial, including 50 within a one-square mile area (in Austin’s Mueller neighborhood), Pecan Street’s research trial is taking place in what appears to be the nation’s highest residential concentration of electric vehicles. Researchers from Pecan Street have instrumented the homes of all research trial participants to measure electricity use and voltage levels from the home and 24 individual circuits (including the circuit for vehicle charging) at one minute intervals. Pecan Street paid a participation stipend to the majority of the homeowners participating in this research trial. Information learned from this two-year research trial will help researchers develop models of the impacts on utility distribution infrastructure and load management that result from elevated concentrations of electric vehicles.

The National Research Council is the research management arm of the National Academies, a private non-profit research organization established by the U.S. government in 1863 to provide independent research and analysis to the government on science and technology matters. The National Research Council’s electric vehicle committee consists of 15 researchers from primarily U.S. universities. More information on the committee can be found here.

Pecan Street is a nonprofit research and commercialization consortium headquartered at The University of Texas at Austin. In its third year of operations, the smart grid-focused research organization has become one of the nation’s most significant creators of original research information on customer electricity and natural gas use.

In October 2012, industry conference GridWeek selected Pecan Street’s consumer smart grid research trial as one of the nation’s three “Leading Smart Grid Initiatives” (along with the White House Green Button Initiative and the national Smart Grid Interoperability Panel).

In December 2011, Smart Grid News listed Pecan Street number one in its list of “smart grid winners” and Greentech Media ranked Pecan Street’s Consumer Smart Grid Project the nation’s number one electric vehicle trial.

The title of McCracken’s presentation is, “Research insights from the nation’s highest residential concentration of electric vehicles.”