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Bloomberg TV: Feature on Pecan Street

Bloomberg TV August 29, 2012

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Green Tech Test Town Shows Electric Cars Sap Grid August 23, 2012

One green tech test bed neighborhood in Texas is now offering up its first insights to the researchers monitoring it. It turns out that people tend to plug in their electric cars at the same time they turn on everything else electronic in their houses. If more people own electric cars in the future, such habits could leave utility companies unable to meet demand, researchers found. Read More »

Electric Car Owners All Plug In at Once

Scientific American August 21, 2012

Pecan Street, which is developing and testing technologies and business models for smart grids and advanced energy management systems, is outfitting the grid in Mueller with more analysis equipment. It is now taking a variety of usage data on 35 homes and will be studying many more there in the future. It will also work with other sustainable neighborhood projects to brainstorm creative solutions. Read More »

Could electric cars help supply the power grid? Researchers will use Austin to find out

Austin American-Statesman August 12, 2012

They love their Prius, but it's their second love, a plug-in hybrid Chevrolet Volt, that might someday help homeowners and state grid operators to manage electricity use. It's Pecan Street's cluster of more than 50 Volts — the largest in one neighborhood in the nation — that has brought General Motors and OnStar to Austin as Pecan Street's newest partners. Read More »