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Austin plugs in Big Time

Discovery News October 28, 2011

This fall, 200 homes were outfitted with about a half square-mile of solar panels -- that's about a third of the neighborhood. By spring 2012, they will also get systems that automatically regulate heating, cooling and lighting. In June 2012, GM will offer Chevy Volt EVs to 100 people in the Mueller neighborhood with a $15,000 rebate instead of the normal $7,500, against the $40,000 pricetag. While some cities have looked at integrating EVs and solar panels, nobody’s done something this ambitious. Read More »

Is EV-Solar Partnership Merging Into the Fast Lane?

Renewable Energy World October 27, 2011

Many of these individual solutions are coming together in Austin, Texas, as part of the Pecan Street smart-grid demonstration project built around home appliances, consumer devices and electric vehicles. SunEdison recently announced it was joining the project to lead the development of home PV charging systems for the Chevy Volt. Read More »

Can Pecan Street deliver some smart grid sizzle?

Smart Grid News October 13, 2011

We've said before that what the smart grid needs is a dose of Disney-style magic to engage consumers. It appears from the list of consumer giants signing on to this Pecan Street initiative that we may finally see some razzle-dazzle. Here are a couple examples of what's on tap for Pecan Street's volunteers: Read More »

Austin’s Pecan Street, a Smart Grid ‘City Bloc,’ Adds PV Solar and EVs

SmartGrid - TMC October 13, 2011

In this latest phase, the EVs are being supplied by General Motors, which by summer 2012 will start making 102 plug-in Chevrolet Volts available to people living in the test area, with a special offer of double the existing $7,500 federal rebate to spur purchases. Thus, this project also may come to represent the largest residential concentration of plug-in vehicles, as opposed to use by a corporate fleet (such as Google’s (News - Alert) 250 and counting plug-ins). To date, more than 130 residents within a square-mile area have signed up to buy or lease a Volt. Read More »

The Mother of All EV-Solar-Smart Grid Integrations

GreenTech Media October 11, 2011

“We’re literally throwing the car keys to 100 families and saying, 'Enjoy yourself,'” McCracken said. “We’re trying to find out how this will work in the real world.” That’s going to be a far different challenge than that posed by centrally managed fleets -- and one that's much closer to the challenge utilities are priming themselves to manage as plug-in cars start to appear in garages around the country. Read More »

Austin’s Pecan Street moves forward on solar-powered smart grid pilot

Clean Energy Authority October 11, 2011

The Pecan Street Demonstration project in Austin, Texas, which is testing a local smart grid and it’s various components in Austin’s Mueller neighborhood and near the state’s Capital, is moving forward with its second phase, which includes testing solar at 176 homes and electric vehicle (EV) car chargers at 100 residences. Read More »

Sony joins smart grid market, testing devices in Texas

EcoSeed October 4, 2011

Its participation in Pecan Street marks the first time the Japanese consumer electronics giant, better known for televisions, cameras and gaming consoles, provided a product for home energy management and smart grid use. The company did not disclose in the press release if the technologies will be commercialized. Read More »