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Beyond Metering: 10 Pretty Darn Interesting Stimulus-Funded Smart Grid Projects

Smart Grid News April 27, 2010 ,,,

This project in Austin is getting a lot of attention and in fact two of the people involved wrote about it for SGN recently. This initiative builds on Austin Energy's existing Smart Grid programs by creating a microgrid that will initially link 1,000 residential smart meters, 75 commercial meters, and plug-in electric vehicle charging sites. Perhaps as interesting as what they’re doing is how this progressive not-for-profit entity is making the Pecan Street project happen. Read More »

UW, state should follow Austin’s lead on energy

Daily Cardinal (Wisconsin) April 16, 2010 ,,,

This week’s Green Room takes a look at Austin’s progressive energy strategy. What can Madison learn from Austin, Texas? A lot, perhaps, when it comes to producing clean energy. Austin has been experimenting with a new approach for generating electricity. The city recently unveiled the Pecan Street Project, described as “a community-wide collaboration to fully […] Read More »

Smart Money and the Smart Grid: An Inside Look at Austin’s Pecan Street Project

Smart Grid News April 13, 2010

Two years ago, an all-volunteer collaboration of technology companies, university talent and political progressives in Austin, Texas, set out to prove the viability of the emerging Smart Grid. The Pecan Street Project, named after one of the town’s more eclectic streets, incorporated as a non-profit organization in 2009, and it has already become an exemplary case study for the structure and financing of alternative energy projects. Read More »

Is Texas writing the book on wind power?

April 8, 2010

By PETER BEHR of ClimateWire AUSTIN, Texas — Feb. 28, 2010, was a banner day for Texas wind to set the clouds — and electrons — flying. In the Panhandle, gusts reached 47 miles per hour and wind generators delivered a record 6,242 megawatts of power to Dallas, Austin and other population centers. At 1 p.m., […] Read More »

Austin seeks a new blueprint for power utilities

April 7, 2010 ,,,

By PETER BEHR of ClimateWire AUSTIN, Texas — When they loaded solar panels on their roofs in a new planned community here, Joe Zabreznik, Ashley Fisher and Leila Melhem were not trying to overturn a century-plus of electric utility practices and policies in the United States. No less may be at stake, however, as the Pecan […] Read More »

Pecan Street Project unveils smart grid solutions

April 2, 2010 ,,,

BY KATHERINE GREGOR On March 24, the Pecan Street Project released its recommendations for transforming the delivery of electricity – culminating a year of work. PSP representatives expect the report to influence the rapidly changing field nationally and internationally. “We’re audacious, or maybe arrogant, enough to think we can not just re-create or improve the […] Read More »

Marston & Edgar: Austin’s Pecan Street Project heads directly toward the future

April 1, 2010 ,,,

Sometimes, the best examples to follow are the ones you created yourself. A generation ago, this region’s leaders took an unprecedented approach to economic development. Austin could become the innovation leader in an emerging industry, they decided, by bringing together a research university and the private and public sectors. That approach led to Austin’s successful […] Read More »