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Members of Austin’s ‘smart grid’ project roll out recommendations

March 25, 2010 ,,,

The planners of the City of Austin’s smart power grid project have finally released a list of recommendations for implementation. It’s been more than a year since we’ve heard from the Pecan Street Project members, who started collaborating on the grid in 2008. The recommendations in the report released yesterday are the result of research […] Read More »

Austin aiming for a grid makeover

March 25, 2010 ,,,

Austin’s Pecan Street Project goes beyond the concept of a “smart-grid” and could serve as a national model, its backers say. The city of Austin, Tex., today presented a wide-ranging list of recommendations for remaking its electricity system, including more energy efficiency measures and a change to the business model of the local utility. The effort, known […] Read More »

Group presents energy vision of the future

March 25, 2010 ,,,

University of Texas, Austin Energy, Environmental Defense Fund, major technology companies and business leaders collaborate to present a unified vision on transforming energy systems. by Jennifer Runyon, Managing Editor The collaborators, which included more than 200 volunteers, hope that their recommendations will serve as a model for the rest of the country. The Pecan Street Project […] Read More »

Clean energy initiative unveils playbook

March 24, 2010 ,,,

Pecan Street Project inviting entrepeneurs to help develop ‘smart grid’ of future. By Marty Toohey AMERICAN-STATESMAN STAFF Two years ago, when the three founders first envisioned the Pecan Street Project, they had a destination in mind — creating the electric grid of the future — but did not have a route for getting there. On Wednesday, […] Read More »

Pecan Street Projects needs some support

March 24, 2010 ,,,

Austin Pecan Street Project officials say they can’t do it alone. The so-called “smart grid” project’s future depends on support from a network of organizations, public agencies and educational institutions, according to a new report. “In short, if the Pecan Street Project mission is left to a non-profit organization and a few dedicated individuals within Austin Energy […] Read More »

Pecan Street Project gets recharged with new recommendations

March 24, 2010 ,,,

The Pecan Street Project, a collaborative experiment between local, state and national experts designed to explore modern energy usage, now has a set of recommendations to guide the plan to fruition. The culmination of a year-long effort championed by the Environmental Defense Fund and experts from major tech companies, The University of Texas, Austin Energy […] Read More »

Pecan Street Project announces recommendations

March 24, 2010 ,,,

After a year of work, The Pecan Street Project has released its recommendations for the City.  Click here to listen on KUT. Read More »

Pecan Street Project releases report of recommendations

Press Release • March 24, 2010

Pecan Street Project, Inc. today issued a report of recommendations spurred by the research and deliberations conducted throughout 2009. Read More »